That's not What Excavators are for, But it Will Do…


Who knows how or why this Russian man found himself in such an extremely sticky situation in the mud, but he was fortunate enough to receive a helping hand…or rather a bucket from one of his fellow workers.

What's really impressive about this scene are the skills of the man operating the large excavator as he was able to scoop him out of the mud with the prevision of a gifted heart surgeon.

Roll over the jump to watch the video for yourself.



Hugh Jorgan said... »September 06, 2012

Carscoop, you are sure in deep shit with europeon (no automotive content)

I enjoyed it. Thanks for the diversity of content.

arturon said... »September 06, 2012

loool. only in Russia. the great place of entertainment.

europeon said... »September 06, 2012

 No Hugh. Funny thing is you're hunting my posts, but you don't bother reading them. I always said that offbeat content on Carscoop is awesome, I'm against posting crap news (shitty replicas, odes to mass produced no frills cars, and so on).

Hugh Jorgan said... »September 06, 2012

Then ignore it, it's not up to you to determine what the rest of us read.

Nelson Auto News said... »September 06, 2012

The excavator's driver is very good in that.

Tomas Högbäck said... »September 07, 2012

I drive excavators at work and this is pretty crude compared to what we do. When digging amongst cables and pipes and other things you need to be precise to max a few centimeters away.

We also got Rototilts with which you can pretty much do anything you want. There are some great videos on youtube about them.

Jose Martinez said... »September 07, 2012


Great excavator video said... »September 10, 2012

the least i have to say, it is damned funny ... great video besides the fact, excavators are not used for that ... but funny anway

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