This is What Happens When You Fall Asleep on a Motorcycle


Falling asleep or not paying attention when you are handling any kind of motorized vehicle can be dangerous, but doing so on a scooter bike and not wearing a protective helmet on your head can prove deadly.

The young woman featured in this dashcam video, reportedly from Russia, appears to have dozed off for a second or two on the bike and veered off her lane.

Luckily for her, the driver of the oncoming truck from the other lane saw her and made a quick maneuver at the last second avoiding a deadly head-on collision.

The woman hit her head on the side of the lorry and fell down from the motorcycle, but all told, she should feel extremely fortunate for living another day to tell the tale.

Scroll down to watch the video footage.



Alexs said... »September 04, 2012

 The comments on the video says that she was drunk, this is probably true. Because if a person falls asleep sitting up, his head involuntarily falls on his chest, her head - exactly, so she fell asleep. In Russia, the idiotic laws. A vehicle that has a engine capacity of less than 50 cubic centimeters, and a top speed of less than 50 km \ h is not considered road users. That is, the scooter does not need a driver's license to ride a scooter can be legally drunk, the traffic police can not do anything to you about it. The bill equates scooters to motorcycles, reject, for reasons unknown for several years. Sometimes I think that they are there, in the government are doing everything so that it would be possible worse, not better. And going back to the video, all instructions "how to behave if there was an accident," wrote that the victim can not be moved before the arrival of the ambulance, the video people to do wrong, she could have internal fractures.

arturon said... »September 04, 2012

omG. reborn on this day.

Ramy Barakat said... »September 04, 2012

She is very lucky

Brendan said... »September 04, 2012

She's very lucky to be alive, this video could have been a lot bloodier had she hit that truck on the opposing lane...

aaronbbrown said... »September 04, 2012

 Wow, that person was lucky, very lucky to be alive.

 Perhaps the person was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but actually these days it's much more likely that they were just overworked and sleep deprived, which is now far more common than drinking and driving.  

 These are the living conditions that the current ruling global corporate class have imposed upon people who work for a living, folks working 70 to 100 hours a week just to get by.  Many young people sleep less than 4 hours a night, when studies show that people under the age of 25 need 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted rest In order for their bodies to be properly rested and recovered.

BrucieBruce said... »September 04, 2012

Motorcycles without helmets are far more potent death machines.  She is lucky she did not hit "head on."

idbdg said... »September 04, 2012

I had experienced something like that and it was very scary and I regret :(

tkindred said... »September 05, 2012

Wow, so lucky.  Not wearing a helmet. Why do some people think it is a good idea to move someone after they are injured in an accident?

marcusg said... »September 05, 2012

why did she just meander into the other lane like that?  attempted suicide?

BazZtarD said... »September 06, 2012

This is a scooter not a motorcycle... And if you are able to fall asleep on something with two wheels than you probably have narcoleptic tendencies! 

Steven Price said... »September 06, 2012

haha that is classic!  

DavidRuck said... »September 16, 2012

Aaron, I always enjoy your post because they are always insightful, this one especially. I am a full time college student and I also am a lab technician part time. Last semester, I was driving home (in a car, not a bike/scooter) after a 4hour lecture that lasted until 22:30. On my way I fell asleep and awoke to find that I was in the shoulder of the other lane! Luckily, no one was on the road at that hour, but it was probably the most "%#&!-my-pants" moment I have ever experienced. I should have pulled over or crashed at someone else's house (excuse the pun) for the night...

Max Piedra said... »November 13, 2012

She must be very lucky for avoiding hitting real hard against the truck's lorry. The time from that day onwards should be considered her second life. That is, unless she had already been in an accident prior to this one. Well, in that case, she is really lucky. I hope this will serve as a lesson to her and to everybody driving a motorcycle. Always equip yourself with proper gear before hitting the road with the motorcycle and make sure that you are in good condition to drive.

Max Piedra

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