TMCars Says it Can Turn Your BMW 3-Series E30 Coupe Into This with a Body Kit


What if the Confederacy had won the Civil War, Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union instead of the US, Adolf Hitler had never been born or JFK hadn’t been assassinated and so on?

This is the alternative or alternate history, the “what if” premise, which has been quite popular in both historical and science fiction genres.

In a similar fashion, what would have happened to the 3-Series' styling if BMW had constantly evolved the shape of the E30 (produced between 1982-1990, though some body styles continued for a few more years) and hadn't moved on with the E36 and its successors?

This is a question posed by the people at Hungary's TMCars design. The answer they came up with is the TM concept30, named after the E30 3-Series that is celebrating its 30th birthday this year.

Interestingly, the concept30 is much more than a pure study as TMCars imagined it as a styling kit that can transform the appearance of any E30 3-Series, many examples of which remain in use today.

The company claims that the concept30 keeps the E30’s three main “character” lines intact, including, "The shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps. The line on the lower side of the body which connects the front intakes with the exhaust outlets, and the body wideline inbetween, which shapes the front and the rear bumpers, and runs along the sides as a fine edge."

According to TMCars, the concept30 was designed from the outset with a limited production series in mind. It consists of 12 pieces that replace or attach to any E30 coupe, which the company says, “is the easiest way of having a modern looking classic”.

E30 owners can opt for one of two different designs. The street version retains the glasshouse and roof of the original car, while its wheel arches are designed for the original suspension fitted with slightly wider wheels.

The race version, on the other hand, keeps the factory glasshouse but adds a wider C-pillar like the first-generation M3, while the wheel arches can be custom-made to fit any suspension and wheels used on race-car versions.

Common features include the the intersecting trapezoid LED lamps that replace the classic round headlights, the shark nose fascia with satin colored black dividing inserts for the grille and the modern tail lamps.

TMCars says it has ensured that both versions comply with European regulations so that they can be used on the road.

Whether the Hungarian company will go ahead and produce the concept30 kit depends on customer reaction to the project.




The Victor said... »September 03, 2012

wow it's not everyday a company makes such a good looking body kit with a classic car. A little bit inside me hurts because it's a classic, but at least it's a good looking modernized version of the E30 because it retains much of the angles. Especially how the grill is tilted slightly down. Some reminiscence of the E21.

europeon said... »September 03, 2012

Who is this kit targeted to?
The ones who have an E30 because cannot afford anything else (and the kit will certainly cost a lot)?
Fanatic owners who want to keep their cars as stock as possible?
Drifters who use them for practice and take the bumpers off anyway?

pcurve said... »September 03, 2012

Hrm, no photo of real life conversion?

Alejandro Ramirez said... »September 03, 2012


First of all, it looks hideous. It completely messes up the classic, sporty lines of the E30 3 Series and makes it an horrendous mash-up of neo and retro, looks like's Delorean. It just doesn't work. Half of the car is from 2012, the other half is still from 1984. And I prefer the 1984 look a million times.

Also, it doesn't look cheap which defeats the entire purpose of it being an E30 3 Series. People buy this cars because they want an affordable RWD thrill or because they want a classy looking mid 80s car. And those markets aren't exactly in love with this kind of expensive and tacky mods. If you want a bodykit for your E30 3 Series, just give it an E30 M3 EVO look and it'll be a complete beauty.

Please, save the E30 3 Series. Instead of giving them to tasteless Hungarian tuners, give them to young petrolheads in need for their first, fast car.

Abdo Daoudi said... »September 04, 2012

it looks like Russian cars 

Ben said... »September 04, 2012

instead of using an old car they should make the platform on a new one instead, it looks fantastic

Slogan_81 said... »September 04, 2012

never have i liked a kit car...but this one...awsome design

Please sit down said... »September 04, 2012

why would someone have an E30 because they cant afford anything else, that sounds pretty can tell when people are young when they dont grasp the concept of money and affordability 

Jill @ eCarport said... »September 04, 2012

This looks really cool! I love it's body structure. 
Definitely awesome!

europeon said... »September 04, 2012

Take a minute and read again what I said in the previous post.

Ssss said... »September 04, 2012


KidRed said... »September 04, 2012

I think it lost it's 'BMW' feel. The kidney grill doesn't look like a kidney any longer. I'd rather have a real e30 than a new car that looked like the above.

Jose Martinez said... »September 04, 2012

buildng LADA out of  BMW.that`s a good way to improve performance.

Antonio said... »September 05, 2012

How do I contact the company?
I can't find their website.

Mokstr said... »September 05, 2012

Love the concept design except for the rear...the integrated spoiler is way to big and by continuing the design from the front to the rear with a integrated led brake light into a less prominent spoiler I think it would look fantastic.

Alli Sohail said... »September 28, 2012

this is the most awsome thing ever, as i own a e30 325i and would love to install this kit. good job guys keep it up

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