You Never Know What Will Pass You By…or Over on a Russian Highway


For sure, Russian highways are full of surprises, but these two related videos take the cake when it comes to the…unexpected.

In the first clip, we see a Russian fighter jet, reportedly a Sukhoi SU-24, flying very closely to the ground towards a passenger car on a stretch of road near Morozovsk in southern Russia.

The Daily Telegraph reported that while some have questioned the authenticity of the video, others have commented that it's not unusual for pilots to perform such dare-devilish stunts.

Today, we also discovered a similar video, albeit this time, it's a helicopter from the Russian military that's flying only a few feet above the road as it overtakes (or so to speak) a passenger car.

Watch both clips right below the break.



Bcc said... »September 07, 2012

I heard laughing Yeti?

Alexs said... »September 07, 2012

 That's not all, look at the YouTube video called: "in soviet russia boat passes you" ))

Carnut said... »September 07, 2012

looks like a fake.First a jet now a helicopter.What's next an ICBM

john1168 said... »September 07, 2012

That's freakin crazy!!!  Those MiG-23's were pretty cool!  That helicopter was totally bananas!!!

Psiqtas said... »September 10, 2012

I don't think these routes are actually highways in Russia...

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