Sandy Super Storm: Bentley Continental GTC Convertible Driver Thinks he Owns a Boat

New videos shot during the cataclysmic Hurricane and then Post-Tropical Storm Sandy that unleashed it power on the Mid-Atlantic and New England Coasts this week are constantly popping up on the web.

In this clip filmed by a one "Gianni F", who along with his friend, was navigating through the flooded roads of Bayville, New York, captured several drivers including one in a Bentley Continental GTC Convertible and another in a BMW 5-Series sedan playing with their expensive wheel's fate and…insurance premiums.

Too bad the person recording the video didn't turn around to show us the outcome of their overly risky exploits (not to mention that someone ought to tell people filming that they should learn to hold their devices the right way…).

You will find this video along with two more Sandy-related recordings after the break.



Louis Phillips said... »October 31, 2012

bently owner thinks its a boat......just cause t rides like a land yatch doesnt mean it'll float like one.

aaronbbrown said... »November 01, 2012

A whole lot of people died needlessly because they live along the coast and they chose not to evacuate. These are people who are not familiar with hurricanes, Sandy was only a level I, and it wasn't even a hurricane when it came ashore. If this had been a level 4 or 5 hurricane, thousands would have died because they chose not to keep evacuation orders.

One of the primary reasons people don't leave their homes, is for fear of losing their things, things they can't get flood or storm insurance for because insurance companies refuse to insure people in low-lying areas. And people who work for a living, they can't afford to place their things or their home naturally want to stay and protect them. This is part of the failing of our society that not only refuses to pay people a living wage, but refuses to grant them basic protections for the things they have built, because the corporations who control the insurance industry can't make enough profit off these people, so they are left with no options but to try and stay and protect what they have.

These deep rooted problems in America cost lives in these situations, lives that were needlessly lost as a direct result of the greed of a few obscenely wealthy individuals.

And that's who Chris Christie represents, not millions of people suffering in New Jersey and across the region. This is just his opportunity to get his face plastered on national TV every day, which will greatly bolster his 2012 presidential ambitions. He's never worked this hard in his life, and that output on his part is in direct proportion to the men's vaulting ambition.

guest anyway said... »November 01, 2012

I guess SUV sales will be exploded in the east coast

psiqtas said... »November 02, 2012

Video 2: that's why SUV will survive and people still love them!

bloggerblogger said... »November 03, 2012

I can tell you that the Bentley did not make it through. It sat there stranded for the duration of the storm. I was there to see it.

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