Former City Councilman in Smart ForTwo T-Bones a Ford Crown Vic Interceptor


A red light camera caught an accident between a 2008 Smart ForTwo mini and a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that occurred on September 12, 2012, in Palm Coast City, Florida.

The footage shows a Flagler County Sheriff’s Ford cruiser driven by Deputy Darrell Butler, 26, making its way through the traffic with the car's emergency lights activated.

Being that he had a red light, Butler proceeded rather carefully and slowly through the intersection but that wasn't enough, as a Smart ForTwo driven by William Venne, 80, a former member of the Palm Coast City Council (from 2000 to 2007), came speeding from the west bound lane and t-boned the police car.

According to a report from Flagler Live, both men suffered only minor injuries and were released from the hospital on the same day. The two cars are said to have sustained $10,000 in damages each.

Photo Credits: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office





Ariosre said... »October 09, 2012

Doesn´t look so bad on the Smart.  Guess they got the safety issues right on the design of the car!

Fellipe Maciel said... »October 09, 2012

very good cop

Frank said... »October 09, 2012

You are kidding right, the SMART Car is at total loss.  Hence, " The two cars are said to have sustained $10,000 in damages each."  The value of a 2008 is less than $10k.

wookiee said... »October 09, 2012

didn't look like he was "speeding from the westbound lane" to me...  speed limit there is 45mph.

sure, he missed the flashers, but I'll put money on the cop not having his siren on.  too many times I've seen close calls with emergency vehicles running red lights with only lights on.

even if you're not sure where the siren is coming from, hearing it makes you more alert for emergency vehicles!

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