GM Drops New Photo of 2014 Chevrolet Silverado with Less Camouflage


Instead of waiting for scoop photographers to spread the word around, General Motors is relying on itself to…shoot pictures of prototypes of its next generation Silverado pickup truck series.

After the release of a single image and a short video of a 2014 Silverado test car dressed in a squiggly wrap and plastic covers back in July, GM returns with a new photo of its full-size pickup truck, this time with less camouflage.

The image was accompanied by a short statement that said: "GM engineers are conducting the final validation of the next generation Silverado light-duty pickups. In addition to torture testing, the team is paying attention to delivering a comfortable, well-balanced ride, which is being refined on a variety of track surfaces at GM’s Milford Proving Ground."

GM added that production of the new 2014 model year Silverado will start in 2013.

In the meantime, Autonews recently reported that Chevrolet showed the new Silverado to several thousand dealers at a special event in Las Vegas in September, who told the news site that the truck is about 3 to 4 inches taller featuring a "brawnier look", and that the extended-cab model gains regular rear doors, just like the Crew-Cab Short Box model.

"It's not a major change for an all-new model, but it'll be much bolder looking and have a lot more features," Tom Durant, owner of Classic Chevrolet in Grape-vine, Texas, told Autonews.

The dealers said that GM did not disclose any information on the available powertrain options for the new Silverado; however, it is believed that the range will include a new small-block V8 with direct injection and possibly the firm's latest generation of the 3.6-liter V6 with up to 320hp.


NG-Silverado-20_2Next Generation Silverado Undergoing Final ValidationNext Generation Silverado Undergoing Final ValidationNG-Silverado-20_4


Garrett Spicer said... »October 01, 2012

It looks the same as the last one...

Tradewinns said... »October 01, 2012

i thought the same as you garrett.  they covered it up so noone would see they didn't change it much.  well, won't sell any more either.

Mariomonti said... »October 01, 2012


rickusack said... »October 01, 2012

They'll do just fine. No everyone wants a Ford or Dodge, er, excuse me, Ram. Chevys and GMCs have proven themselves to be very capable trucks. Besides, looks are only one factor, I don't need a truck to look "Mondo" for me to get work done with it. I know that's what a lot of trucks buyers look for however. Shame.

MitchellCallahan said... »October 01, 2012

Throw some HID lamps and LEDs on there, bitches love HID lamps and LEDs

Raymondj said... »October 02, 2012

The taillamps resemble the look of the mid 2000's models, overall I have to agree, after 7 years with no changes, the silhouette really looks evolutionary, like the same method used for past generation Corvettes, but I guess the fully exposed, top of the line Z71 and LTZ Models will show how far they really wen't with this truck both inside and out. Overall I'm glad the wait is finally coming to a close.

Scott Keller said... »October 02, 2012

looks like they still need to go back to the drawing board!

Buy a Titan said... »October 08, 2012

They just get cheaper, thinner, more plastic filled and less reliable, and you stupid people keep buying them. IMO it looks like a base model Ram 1500.

Mark Martin said... »October 09, 2012

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Jim said... »December 13, 2012

All I want to know is did they make the backseat area of the crew cab as big as the Ford and Dodge?

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