Highway Bump in the Behinds Overturns Daewoo Matiz in South Korea


We guess someone wasn't paying attention to the road, which is kind of scary if you think about it, as this accident that was caught on camera could happen to anyone.

Granted, the Daewoo Matiz (did you know that its design was based on a rejected concept for a Fiat 500 by Italdesign Giugiaro named the Lucciola?) is a small car but not small enough not to notice on the road, especially in broad daylight…

The green Matiz was travelling on South Korea's Namhae Expressway minding its own business in one of the middle lanes when a driver coming from behind bumped the car on the bumper sending it on a crazy rollover.

Let's hope that no one was seriously injured in the crash.



Tap Lane Changing said... »October 11, 2012

Real life Mario Bros. kart racing!

Luc Helterbrand said... »October 11, 2012

dumb fuck in the recording car probably left their cruise control on and couldn't figure out how to work the brake! cruise control should be outlawed. are you so lazy you can't keep consistent pressure on your accelerator?

cozappz said... »October 11, 2012

Luc, you are wrong here. Just because there are a lot of ID10Ts on the roads, that is not a good reason to ban cars, or cruise control systems.
But you are right on the other issue: the moron forgot he/she was behind the wheel, driving and put his/her brains on "cruise control".
We all know the Matiz is/was not the most stable car around but the bump is really powerful to project any car off the trajectory.

Hope nobody was hurt.

Oz said... »October 11, 2012

at least he/she didn't ran away..

Zack Baumel said... »October 11, 2012

I don't think cruise control or lack of braking was the cause here. . . It's pretty clear, as indicated by the late avoidance maneuver, that the driver was not focused on the road and was probably occupied by a cell phone, child, or other interruption in the car.  Sure, cruise control could have been on, but it seems the driver didn't realize the car was in front of him until about 1 foot from impact.  Braking that late would likely have caused an accident too. . . it's the lateness of the reaction that was the main reason for crashing.

JJaprand said... »October 11, 2012

here are the following list of stuffs that should be banned in a car:
cruise control, rear view camera, navigation system, DVD/blu ray player, sleep alert, lane change alert, cell phone, make up kit, newspaper, and drivers whose depend on all of these in a car.
once you get into a car, the only thing you need to do and should do is DRIVE.

Michael said... »October 11, 2012

Unlike the situation a few years ago, the roof of the car did not collapse, a bunch of airbags probably went off, everyone had shoulder/seatbelts on, and everyone was more or less OK. On the other hand, we need all this stuff given that drivers are talking on cell phones (even hands-off, your brain is elsewhere) and for god's sake texting while they are supposedly driving. Maybe intelligent cruise control with radar and braking is indeed necessary.

Akash Gura Goredo said... »October 12, 2012

 Or probably that the Matiz mysteriously started to decelerate quite quickly while its stop lights did not function properly, giving no indication of the deceleration to the oncoming vehicle and therefore, combined (probably) with an over-reliance on cruise control, caused the collision...

Danny said... »October 12, 2012

 The Matiz was middle lane hogging!

Matt Matiz said... »October 13, 2012

Gotta love the spinning wheel at the end :)

cozappz said... »October 14, 2012

Right, don't forget books. It really scares me when I hear about people reading newspapers or even books WHILE DRIVING.
Anyway, some new study claims that speaking into cellphones while driving does not add more danger to the said driver, because they are careless by nature, even without the phone. Take this study with a big grain of salt, though.

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