Lamborghini Perdigón Design Concept by Ondrej Jirec is Razor Sharp, But is it Too Much?


Ever since Lamborghini unleashed the limited-run Reventon Coupe and Roadster specials back in 2008 and 2009 respectively, the famed Italian automaker turned a fresh page on the styling front using razor sharp lines inspired by jet fighters for its production and concept models such as the Aventador and the Sesto Elemento.

Many design students have adopted the same design philosophy when it comes to creating their own concept drawings for future Lamborghini models, including Ondrej Jirec, a final year Transport Design student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Jirec's conceptual proposal is called the Lamborghini Perdigón and it is named after a famous fighting bull from 1894, whose…head currently resides at the plaza Museum in Madrid.

While our first guess would be that the Perdigón looks like a Gallardo replacement in terms of size, it is said to have been designed as a hypercar to compete against the likes of the Bugatti Veyron.

The sharp angles and polygonal surfaces of the body of the concept are inspired by the F117 Nighthawk and F22 Raptor jet fighters, while a standout design feature is the large air intake with a visible fan positioned just below the windscreen and which kind of brings to mind the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies.

A full gallery of the Perdigón Concept follows below the break.

Design Credits: Ondrej Jirec via Diseno-art




Zandit75 said... »October 02, 2012

Rear view and the interior are spot on, but I'm not a fan of the front. SIde view is getting there, but not quite.

Gary Bendrey said... »October 02, 2012

I like it. Advanced design should not be a rehash of the past familiar designs. To stay relevant and aspirational brand like Lambo has to excite and lure potential buyers. 

Nada said... »October 03, 2012

We have Direct Injection, Now there is the Direct A/C Discharge ^^

Rahul Jhabak said... »October 03, 2012

GREAT POST.... I think that the designer must reduce this much effects and designs in it.... Anyways the concept is great and will surely win fans......

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donald seymour said... »October 03, 2012

Exactly my point its something that lambo would do and if not extremer. It called having fun. And I love the design and can see my self in it. 

_rem said... »October 03, 2012

 It's interesting: from some angles it looks cluttered and from some others it doesn't.

surfshop said... »October 03, 2012

I like... But, the interior is a bit over the top, the front turbine looking thing is a bit too much

Chris said... »October 03, 2012

Love love love minus the turbine thing in the middle.. This guy really did his homework.. The execution and design direction is spot on with lambos direction

Brandon said... »October 03, 2012

Don't you mean it brings to mind the batmobiles form the Christopher Nolan movies..?

Jigs J Sharma said... »October 03, 2012

look stupid.

kachuks said... »October 03, 2012

Dat fool has a batmobile turbine on his ride. 

R1S0 said... »October 03, 2012

make a lambo design is pretty easy.... take a current shape and add a edge here,edge there,another sharp edge there...and yeah,we have a another cool lambo again.... sketchy,boring,one as another...

try to design a mpv car,or something less predictable as lambo,then you will be a good designer.

Jefffrey A said... »October 03, 2012

Not impressed, this is ridiculous. 

me said... »October 04, 2012

Anyone else see a Stratos in the side design? I like all but the turbine effort in the front and the interior looks like you might have to make a first aid kit standard equipment!

donald seymour said... »October 05, 2012

Can you do this? If not, then I suggest you have a cup of be quiet and appreciate somebody's efforts and passion. 

R1S0 said... »October 06, 2012

in fact,i did a virtual tuning years ago,i have a degree of industrial design,so,I could if I wanted to...his technical skill are very nice,but design of it is very superficial.

Malikileo said... »October 19, 2012

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