New Renault DCross Concept is a Dacia Duster Dressed in Style


As some of our readers pointed out earlier today, Volkswagen's new Taigun concept bears a certain resemblance to the Renault Group's Dacia Duster SUV, which becomes a bit more evident with the French firm's DCross Concept that was also revealed today at the Sao Paulo Motor Show.

In Brazil, Renault offers all Dacia models under its own nameplate, including the Duster. So, what is the deal with the DCross Concept?

The study is the work of Renault's design team in Brazil, who wanted to give the production Duster a stronger styling personality.

The DCross sports a two-tone finish with the front three-quarters of the SUV painted in bright green and the rear section in matte black, while it also gets a newly styled front end with a more futuristic look, as well as different tail lamps, beefier rocker panels and roof rails housing the spare wheel.

The chunkier tires and alloy wheels along with the redesigned mirrors, round out the styling changes on the DCross Concept.




Travelscrabble said... »October 22, 2012

Ugly as sin. 

ben said... »October 22, 2012

Front lights & grill => VW Amarok
...or am I blind ?

Atlas Handling said... »October 22, 2012

Picking this one might help you became relax after work. Green is a restful color. Plus the bonus of having the features of the car.

Bruno Silva said... »October 23, 2012

I didn't like the Koleos. At all! And this is just perpetuating the ugliness of it! The front end looks a bit better, BUT i detect a few styling cues from other models. The rear end just doesn't work for me. They tried to disguise the blandness of it with the two tone paint job but the fact is it just made it worse. It stands out now. And what's with the port hole in the rear quarter? It just looks hideous. By the way, the spare wheel on the roof arrangement is brilliant (not). Everyone under 1,70m will have to get a ladder to reach it.  
I know it's just a concept, but these are important to see what they're thinking about doing in the future. And if this is it, just stop and start again!

Nicko said... »October 24, 2012

As this is based on a budget brand surely it should be 'matt' black. Isn't it only with the premium brands, such as Mercedes, where the motoring press uses the word 'matte'?

aadwerfg said... »October 29, 2012

did you notice the resemblance between duster's and amarok's stock front end? did you know the duster was launched before the amarok?

mike said... »February 05, 2013

Here's a render of how the Duster D-Cross could look like when it hits serial production->

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