New Version of the Honda Fit with a Crossover Twist Debuts at Sao Paulo Motor Show


Hyundai is not the only brand trying to tap into the crossover market in the sub-compact category in Brazil, as at the 2012 Sao Paulo International Motor Show, Honda also lifted the covers off its own proposal in the guise of the all-new Fit Twist.

The tougher-looking version of the Fit, which is sold in Europe and other parts of the world as the Jazz, is Honda's first vehicle to be developed exclusively for the Brazilian market.

On the outside, the Twist sports plastic cladding on the front and rear bumpers and over the wheel arches and side sills, a matte aluminum finish for the protective guards, mirror caps and the taller roof bars, bigger 16-inch alloy wheels, a re-styled front grille, dark headlamps and clear tail lamp fixtures.

The interior of the car is said to remain largely unchanged sans the new upholstery, the waterproof floor carpet in the boot area, and the chrome accents on the dashboard, air vents and handbrake.

In spite of its more rugged appearance, the Fit Twist doesn't even feature changes to the suspension setting as Honda kept the same ride height as the regular hatchback, with which it also shares its 1.5-liter flex-fuel engine producing 116hp when running on ethanol and 115hp on gasoline, connected to either a manual or an automatic transmission driving the front wheels.

The new Fit Twist will go on sale in Brazil at the end of October with a starting price of R$57,900 (US$28,600 or €21,900 at today's exchange rates), about R$10,000 (US$5,000 or €3,800) more than the base Fit hatchback.




Dazed and Confused said... »October 22, 2012

You have to wonder what took Honda so loooooong to figure this out?

Haiquan Ma said... »October 22, 2012

 Like a very sharp looking Suzuki SX4...

Eythan Aldrich said... »October 22, 2012

hope this crossover fit will be all over the world soon enough.

Zeddy said... »October 23, 2012

Why bother?

Pepeh Teerapat said... »October 23, 2012

Hey, there are 2 fuel caps.It might be a fuel tank & charging outlet.

Ugly said... »October 23, 2012

This car is old... Honda should have re-designed this thing by now...

Dazed and Confused said... »October 23, 2012

Excellent observation!

KidRed said... »October 23, 2012

They ruined the front end.

Rifraf said... »October 23, 2012

Another POS honda.

Me too said... »October 23, 2012

Here's the twist, add fender flares and bigger wheel gaps and call it a crossover.


Zeddy said... »October 23, 2012

 Ethanol and gas...

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