Skateboarder Going 40mph Down the Hill T-Bones Bambi the Deer… [NSFW]


We sometimes like to think that we have seen it all, only to be proved wrong time and time again.

While downhill skateboard racing has its dangers, we somehow doubt that Ryan Vitale was expecting an innocent looking deer to be one of them.

It all happened during a practice run at this past weekend's Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill race on Lookout Mountain when Vitale along with many other skateboarders, were rolling at speeds of up to 45mph (72 km/h).

One of Vitale's fellow racers, Mike Paproski, who had mounted a GoPro 2 camera on his helmet to record the run, was coming from behind when all of a sudden, a deer crossed into the road.

Vitale is seen in the video attempting a last-second maneuver to evade the hapless deer but at these speeds and without brakes, there wasn't much he could do and ended up crashing into the animal.

"Ryan Vitale, the guy who got hit, was done for the weekend, but it was pretty much just road rash, bumps and bruises, no broken bones," Paproski told the Westword news site.

As for the deer, Paproski says it also made it out alive: "At the very end of the video, if you watch it to the end, you'll see a deer crossing at the bottom. That's the same deer! They said it was stunned a little bit and it sat there and thought about it for a second, and then it just jumped up and ran off."

Head over the break to watch the footage from the incident for yourself.



Thomas R Maynard said... »October 02, 2012

am i the only one who saw the boarder take the deer down with him?

sirtrancelot said... »October 02, 2012

How is this related to cars? Why, because it occured on a road? The only thing going downhill fast is Carscoop!

BrucieBruce said... »October 03, 2012

Skateboards fit into the general category of transportation, similar to bicycles.  It would be disappointing if every other article was about a bicycle or skateboard, but an occasional topic is fine.  Since it is on a road, as you point out, and they are going 40 MPH, this could have been a motorcycle or similar small vehicle.  It seems loosely relevant.  Entertaining with take home happens. 

Besides, just chill and move on to your favorite car if it doesn't interest you.  Its not like Carscoop surprised you...the first word in the subject line gives it away.

Ben said... »October 03, 2012

option 1 ignore
option 2 waste more energy coming into the post and whining
yes option 2 is a good choice

Michael said... »October 03, 2012

Deer are beautiful graceful nonpredatory animals that have for some reason absolutely no clue about moving objects like cars and skateboarders. Trust me on this. Driving along in Maine about 40 mph, and suddently antlers banging on my windshield and a dented fender and broken grill and deer blood everyhwhere.

Akash Gura Goredo said... »October 03, 2012

I thought this was CARscoop...

BazZtarD said... »October 03, 2012

He´ll be eating dear tonight!

Kaveh Ghavim said... »October 03, 2012

I feel bad for the deer.
Save deer run over skateboarders.

Ricardo E Callado said... »October 03, 2012

Chill dude, I am glad they uploaded this, its fun. at they are going  at car speed

Asads said... »October 03, 2012

Im more shocked by someone using the words radical and dude.

kpnitrl said... »October 03, 2012

You think carscoop cares if you don't come back. So what, don't. They report on all types of things other than cars. Heck, I wish the would do planes and trains. You must be a kid or uncool nerd (I'm a nerd but my own mind anyway).

Angela said... »October 03, 2012

I so glad the deer was ok. 

CWM said... »October 03, 2012

The cameraman shows many signs of high intelligence.

Zeddy said... »October 03, 2012

Oh deer!

Hugh Jorgan said... »October 03, 2012

Are all skateboarders this horny?

Jim Wile said... »October 03, 2012

I wanna be a cowboy!

aaronbbrown said... »October 04, 2012

 It's pretty clear from the video that he intentionally tackle that poor adolescent deer, which was foolish enough to try to cut across Wild Bill's path, himself being a kind of a legend in the longboarding world.

 And by the way it's inaccurate to keep referring to these as skateboards, nobody would do high speed downhill, 40 mph to 70 mph, on a traditional skateboard, it's a Longboard, which is in fact an entirely different animal.  Look it up.

Brendan said... »October 06, 2012

I am seeing it differently, the deer Lawrence Taylored the skater...

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