This Biker May Have You Questioning Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection…

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The footage shown in the video that follows after the break begins with a crowd of people looking at a young man revving the engine of a sports motorcycle.

Like most of you, our first thought upon observing the opening seconds of the clip, was that we were about to watch some high quality hoonery on two-wheels. Oh, how terribly wrong we were…

And if you found that the rider's inability to do whatever thing he was trying to do is worth a double facepalm, then you obviously didn't have the patience to watch the video right through to its end – something we urge you to do.

One commentator on YouTube said that the clip was recorded in Croatia, but we couldn't confirm the location. As always, those of you who happen to know where the incident took place can enlighten the rest of us with a comment below.