This Biker May Have You Questioning Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection…


The footage shown in the video that follows after the break begins with a crowd of people looking at a young man revving the engine of a sports motorcycle.

Like most of you, our first thought upon observing the opening seconds of the clip, was that we were about to watch some high quality hoonery on two-wheels. Oh, how terribly wrong we were…

And if you found that the rider's inability to do whatever thing he was trying to do is worth a double facepalm, then you obviously didn't have the patience to watch the video right through to its end – something we urge you to do.

One commentator on YouTube said that the clip was recorded in Croatia, but we couldn't confirm the location. As always, those of you who happen to know where the incident took place can enlighten the rest of us with a comment below.



Nada said... »October 01, 2012

Evolution Failed, is this in russia?

Punkin said... »October 01, 2012

Nah.  It was shot in Idiotville.

arturoh said... »October 01, 2012

he did not like the gift

JJ said... »October 01, 2012


Kaveh Ghavim said... »October 01, 2012

That is just said, and the crash at the end was perfect.

CarolineFournier said... »October 01, 2012

One commentator on YouTube said that the clip was recorded in Croatia, but we couldn't confirm the location.
Problem with laziness? Read the article......

Zandit75 said... »October 01, 2012

Doochbag trying to do a burnout, and he ends up getting burnt himself!!!

Nisu said... »October 01, 2012

definitely more idiot than russian...american i guess

eb110americana said... »October 02, 2012

If at first you don't succeed, fail and fail and fail and fail...again.

DarrenTate said... »October 02, 2012

The way that woman is dressed? Definitely Eastern Europe.

Tryton said... »October 02, 2012

One gun has a Croatian flag and car plates are from Croatia too.

BazZtarD said... »October 02, 2012


Zeddy said... »October 02, 2012

Ho, that's one classeee lady in red!

Guram said... »October 02, 2012

no JJville.

Dan Bodnar said... »October 02, 2012

Those are Russian license-plates, no?

Dan Bodnar said... »October 02, 2012

Those aren't Russian license-plates?

Marcolo Pololo said... »October 02, 2012

the clip is from Croatia, the plates are from the city of Rijeka.. and as far as i can see the dude is drunk and this is a wedding...

hAZE said... »October 02, 2012

Unfortunately, definitely Croatia. Croatian flag, Croatian license plates...

Markey said... »October 02, 2012

Bike's plate is Croat, from Rijeka to be precise.

An irony that Rijeka is home to a famous motorbike track which hosted the yugoslav Grand Prix for many years in the past.

I suspect this chap is not the finest example of croat riding skills.

Panterror1 said... »October 02, 2012

I'm from Croatia and i can confirm it's from Croatia. Licence plate says "Ri" which stands for Rijeka, a city in the northern part of Croatian coast. What a complete moron!

to je to said... »October 02, 2012

it is croatia, on some gas station near thhe city of rijeka. the crowd is obviously preparing for a wedding party, and the guy is drunk as hell. idiot too.

Luka Crnković said... »October 02, 2012

 This is from Croatia, probably somewhere on highway to Rijeka ,guy was drunk like pig,I suppose it was some party or wedding.

Oz said... »October 02, 2012

The trick is to
start moving, few Inches,
slam brake the front so it sinks - rear end elevates a bit,
than release the clutch and hi-rev...

the guy looks georgian to me - but I'm no expert

Guest said... »October 02, 2012

Number plates are croatian (Rijeka), so likely shot there. And fail doesn''t even begin to describe that guy. 

Jānis Rijnieks said... »October 02, 2012

Come on, you all!
Dont you see that there is some party. Most probably the bike has just been given to the guy as a present. Maybe it is his first time on a bike and that's why he looks so incompetent.

The flag visible in the video is a Croatian one, so yes - they ar slavs, although no Russians.

Idiotville said... »October 02, 2012

Shot in Rijeka, Croatia!

At CarParts said... »October 02, 2012

Well found! Btw we wonder if your team or your fans may be interested in our competition (guess the headlight - it's quite tricky!)

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Android167 said... »October 02, 2012

It's from Croatia :(

Look at the licence plate, its from Rijeka...

Bojan said... »October 02, 2012

Kakav СРБИН!!! :)

Pozdrav za zemljake.

dumblikeyou2 said... »October 02, 2012

 Somewhere in the UK for sure. You can tell by the perpetual shitty weather and Eurotrash H&M clothes.

dumblikeyou2 said... »October 02, 2012

Nisu, isn't that your mum in that video, dressed like a whore?

SmellyEurotrash said... »October 02, 2012

 JJ's from some country in the EU that's about to take an economic nosedive. He's pissed in general because he's about to become poorer than he's ever been.

In year, he's gonna wish he were American, but being a blockhead European, I doubt it.

Anatilgr said... »October 02, 2012

026-031 you can see croatian flag

It's obvious he front braked before he fell

Always beware of cold tyres. They perform as good as brick

Moje said... »October 02, 2012

Unfortunatley, this is near my hometown of Rijeka, Croatia. 
Trust me, most people are nice and normal compared to this creep. 
What is even more ironic is that near Rijeka, there is Grobnik race track.

arturoh said... »October 02, 2012

he wanted a hummer equipped with machine guns...

Krejje said... »October 02, 2012

Croatian flag in the background.....what more do you need!? jesus....

Krejje said... »October 02, 2012

The Croatian flag in the background...what more do you need!? Jesus....

SamuraiJack said... »October 02, 2012

OK, we get it, it's in Croatia. No need for any more comments telling us it's in Croatia!

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