This is What You Get When You Show a Russian Driving Instructor the Middle Finger

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A driving student in St. Petersburg, Russia, got more than what she for bargained when the young woman decided to use…'hand' language to tell an instructor what she thought about him and his cranky attitude.

Xenia Kolotenko, an aspiring journalist, told Russian news site Neva24 that she went to take a driving exam along with her instructor at the traffic police on August 31.

The instructor stepped out of the car and let Kolotenko do some trial runs in her vehicle. However, the woman took almost twice as long as normally required to complete the tests, something that annoyed the driving instructor who stopped her and told that if she can't move her pace, it would better if she went home.

Kolotenko claims that the instructor continued to yell and insult her, and just before he turned around, told her, "You fool, you stupid sheep!"

The woman says she couldn't take the insults and decided to flip the bird.

"With my window half open, I showed him the finger," said Kolotenko. "His eyes were filled with blood. He jumped in my car and saying, 'Oh, you bitch, I'll teach you now!' took me by the hand and began to twist. Apparently, he wanted to break my finger but overdid it and broke the fourth metacarpal bone."

The police said they are still investigating the case and will update accordingly.