Top Gear Promotes New Limited Edition Lego Stig Keyring with Stop-Motion Ad

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Some say Top Gear is the coolest TV show on planet Earth bar none and the best thing to happen to humanity since sliced bread.

Some also say that JC (Jeremy Clarkson's initials) is an overrated, grossly overpaid and obnoxious bloke who has insulted almost every ethnicity and minority one can think of, and then some, but in spite of all this, he has made a fortune out of being… well, obnoxious (and, obviously, very smart).

All we know is that the man in the white racing overalls and matching Simpson helmet, aka the Stig, is the one who drives the show's supercars to their limits on TG’s test track and is always introduced by the BBC host with the “some say” tagline.

Said intro speech has become, along with the Stig and, let’s face it, JC’s controversial remarks, one of the show’s best known trademarks.

Well, some say that making a stop-motion film out of a Lego Stig and posting it on YouTube is quite funny. And some say that turning it into a limited edition keyring to promote the latest issue may be good, but a limited edition JC punching bag would probably result in waiting lines surpassing those formed for the latest iPhone and increase sales of the magazine tenfold.

All we know is that you can watch the "Lego Stig" promo film right after the jump. As for the punching bag, maybe it’s something that will eventually catch up with BBC’s marketing department…

By Andrew Tsaousis