U Spy: A 2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Costume


When not trying out cars like the V10-powered Lexus LFA at Silverstone, CarScoop reader Jean-Luc C. is as observant as a hawk. While on his way to work, Jean-Luc spotted an odd-looking Bentley and was quick enough to snap some quick spy shots for us with his cell phone.

"I took these shots on my way into work on the M6 (About 15 miles away from the Bentley Factory in Crewe)," he told us.

"It looked like a Continental Flying Spur - but a lot of tape and a terrible S-Class grille taped to the front. It is obviously something under cover being tested - But what?"

Well, you're right on both accounts Jean-Luc; it's a prototype of the redesigned Bentley Continental Flying Spur cunningly disguised as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloon.

Earlier in the summer, our spy shooters captured two other 2014MY Bentley Continental Flying Spur testers dressed with fake wheel arch add-ons, headlamps and taillights, all of which were designed to imitate the S-Class' styling in an attempt to fool us. From what it looks, Bentley engineers probably managed to draw more attention on their cars…

Many thanks to Jean-Luc C. for the scoop!




Diesel said... »October 11, 2012

Looks like the new W222 chassis from the C pillar back although the outline of the rear running lights look deceptively similar to a 1963 Ford 500 Galaxy...

markymarklima said... »October 11, 2012

As responsible petrolheads we must assume that Jean-Luc C was a passenger in a left hand drive car being ferried to work, right ;)

Treytreyhotboi said... »October 11, 2012

How don't get the point why bentley is trying to disguise it. The front is just going to look like the current model of the gt coupe and the back is going to look like the mulsaane.

guest anyway said... »October 11, 2012

maybe it is a merc disguised as a bentley.
btw after reading the text I have unbearable! desire to see the fake grille but to my disappointment no picture of that.

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