Crazy Rider Hits Speeds Over 260km/h – 162mph in Bosnia and Herzegovina on an Aprilia RSV4


True, super bikes like the Aprilia RSV4 that's powered by the Italian brand's first ever production four-cylinder engine (V4, to be precise) delivering close to 180-horsepower, were designed to go fast, or rather make that stupendously fast, but there's a time and a place for everything.

And public roads, be that highways or even worse, narrow and twisty country roads with traffic, isn't exactly the right place for hitting speeds that sometimes exceed 260 km/h or 162 mph, which is what we're seeing in this video.

CarScoop reader Dorian, who tipped us off about the video, commented: "Guy drove from a small city in Bosnia to a capital city of Sarajevo doing over 250kmh on small windy roads...Incredible stupidity and skill at the same time."

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aaronbbrown said... »November 09, 2012

Best engine in the sport bike market today, best brakes as well. This bike is a lot faster than that, uncorked it'll break 190 mph.

Honda is in the process of developing a new V4, witch is the optimal engine for a super sport bike on the street. It's a lot like a V-8 car engine, great midrange and a phenomenal top end punch, plus they sound fantastic. This RSV4 is the best sounding bike on the road. Though it is a rather imperfect street ride, definitely a narrowly focused bike, design for the track.

supra shoes said... »November 09, 2012

it is great,

Cayco said... »November 10, 2012

Stupidity is not strong enough for that. This "hat ass" is putting others life in danger and I truly think he is suicidal. Because there are no skills in stupidity and acting like a dumb ass.

cozappz said... »November 10, 2012

Before reading/viewing the video I was thinking: "There are no motorways/freeways in Bosnia! How did he do it?"
Well, the guy was on a regular 2-lane road, with a super motorcycle, some traffic and s**tloads of luck. And I "hate" him two-fold: once for the beautiful experience, second, as a 4-wheel driver for the reckless manner.
But he got all the fun, in the end ;)

arturo said... »November 10, 2012

'Flour' delivery? Beautiful road.

rickusack said... »November 10, 2012

Guy needs to tone down his vitamin T supplements!

interstatex said... »November 10, 2012

Why would anyone buy a bike that does 160 mph + and actually ride it at that speed... just crazy.

Good luck to the rider, live and let live !

Sébastien said... »November 10, 2012

Definitely not fan, I like high speed, but only with safety (and yes there is german highways where +260kph can be legally and safely achieved). Here I saw :
- improper speeds when there's houses on the sides (pedestrians, kids...),
- improper lane positionning, come on being on the opposite so frequently is really worrying,

So yes, he got *very lucky*... But I wouldnt ride with him, nor want to be anywhere around him.

Márk Gázser said... »November 11, 2012

Absolutely true. I'm not again riding fast, but it has the proper place and time, no way like this. I don't care what he does if he does NOT endanger others. People like him shouldn't get a driver license for anything faster than a lawn mower.

FANI said... »November 11, 2012

Perfect exemple of slave shittness skill. After war what else ?

zzputra said... »November 12, 2012

this as*h**e damn good and brave, should he is on weed before riding the bike.

Palenholik Gutengadrovich said... »November 13, 2012

When you have no alternative roads, and you keep driving on this kind of roads, you get used to it. He seems to know every curve when it comes and how to enter it.

I think he started the trip somwhear near Konjic. These roads are good, i drive often on relation Mostar-Jablanica-Konjic-Sarajevo. And it takes 2h for that trip with ordinary car.

4:05: Restriction is 40kmph and it is written School, cops stopped me there for driving around 50kmph. Just drive fast enough, so police can't see you :D

4:30 - 6:30: He is riding up what is called Ivan's Saddle, and there are 3 lanes, 1 lane downhill and 2 uphill (fast and slow).

7:20-8:10: Same as before, he has 2 lanes.

8:50-9:40: Same but opposite. So he can easily borrow 3d, middle lane. Grate visibility (semi straight roads).

9:48.11:00: Briefly enters town, and again open road, again straight road and grate visibility.

11:20-14:20: Briefly enters town, and populated area. On some parts road goes around the town, you can see houses but traversing is not allowed for pedestrians.

14:20-17:30: Problematic... really a lot of side roads comming in, and populated.

17:42: On his left side, there is house and visible whitish box, it is traffic camera that shoots when driving faster than 60 kmph :D

18:20: On left is my workplace :D

18:38: He enters High-Way, officially highway will begin some 2km ahead, after he passes under the bridge, but the road is already good as highway so...

20:15: End of highway and Welcome to Sarajevo :D

Seems to me "pretty" normal and doable. Considered that he drove 260kmph only on highway, this title is exaggerated.

Palenholik Gutengadrovich said... »November 13, 2012

Btw, the rout of this trip (maybe he did not start stright from Konjic...)

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