Evo Performance Car of the Year 2012: The Track Battle Video


When the year draws to its end, one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll be hearing, reading and watching a lot of “Car of the Year” memos. At some point, it really gets too much because everyone and their aunt think that they should crown a COTY.

It’s a free world, or most of it at least since there’s no North Korean COTY as far as we know, so everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion.

Even though the image below may look like it’s straight out of a D1 drift challenge, it’s actually a still from Evo magazine’s 2012 performance car of the year competition, or eCOTY as they call it.

The British publication rounded up the 10 best driver’s car that it has sampled in the past 12 months and it’s a pretty idiosyncratic bunch, ranging from the Morgan 3 Wheeler to the mighty Pagani Huayra.

We admit we were surprised to see Tiff Needell behind the wheel of the revamped McLaren, given his review of the first MP4-12C. Looks like Ron Dennis doesn’t hold any grudges, after all…

The highlight of the competition is the twin-car track battles, with Tiff and Richard Meaden sorting each pair out. Boys will be boys, so even though they eventually did get down to business and record a fastest lap for each car, they first had some fun.

You can’t really blame them, can you? You can watch the video right after the jump and see the “boys” enjoying themselves as well as the lap time results, which contains some surprises.

By Andrew Tsaousis



SomeRandomCommenter said... »November 21, 2012

I really thought the Pagani would have been much faster than the McLaren. Still love both cars. It was funny to see how afraid the Pagani driver was, I'm sure I'd feel the same way.

AstonMartin said... »November 22, 2012

Love the Mclaren - what's with the flames that were emitting from the MP4-12C?

aaronbbrown said... »November 22, 2012

Certainly the most impressive car is the Lotus, just 2.1 sec Slower than the Pagani, that's amazing. Shows what a lightweight perfectly balanced mid-engine car can achieve up against a 720 HP supercar. I'm not surprised to see the 911 moving further into the realm of the obsolete. I actually think the Boxster is In the most important ways a superior performance platform. If Porsche put proper development into it, the 911s would be getting smoked regularly.

And it's so nice to see guys who can really drive, while also being thoroughly entertaining, what a concept. Let's hope more car publication emulate this winning approach.

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SomeRandomCommenter said... »November 22, 2012

I agree with everything you stated. Tiff is definitely a driver I love watching because of skill and entertainment

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