Maybe the Mayans were Right; After Sandy, It's Raining Cats in Staten Island…

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You have surely heard the English idiom, "It is raining cats and dogs", but have you ever seen it happen in reality?

Well, we might not have a dog in the picture, but we just viewed a cat falling from the sky and landing on the windshield of a dark-colored saloon parked on the driveway of a house in Staten Island, New York.

The cat no doubt used up one of its nine lives, as the adventurous feline walked away from the…landing site seemingly unhurt. The same can't be said about the sedan's windshield.

The poster of the video under the alias "Pat cracks" described the incident on YouTube thusly:

"It's raining cats! , the fat Garfield cat fell from my neighbors balcony, like a boss, he walked away without a scratch and was sleeping in my neighbors house when i talked to her."