Scoop: New Porsche Macan SUV Drives Around for the Camera

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The next big, or shall we say, smaller thing to come from Porsche is a second crossover model that will be positioned under the Cayenne and with which the German company will fight for sales in the mid-size segment rivaling the likes of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLK.

The Stuttgart-based automaker has already picked a name for its "baby" SUV that will be known as the Macan.

Spy hunters recently snapped some video footage of a camouflaged prototype of the new Macan testing on European roads.

Porsche's new offering in the SUV segment will share a platform architecture with the new Audi Q5, though company officials claim to have made many changes under the skin, from the suspension to the engines and the all-wheel drive systems.

While it is likely to launch with V6 units, the Macan will eventually become the first modern-day Porsche to offer four-cylinder powerplants.

Video Credits: Automobile-fr