See Anything Wrong with this Picture? Come on, Look Closer…

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We're going to assume that you won't have a problem taking your sweet time to find out what's wrong with the snapshot from Extreme Racing's video of Playboy Model Jesse Preston riding a Ferrari 458 Italia during a recent drift event in Las Vegas.

But to answer the question we posed, it's all about the positioning of the seatbelt and the use of a safety helmet, as pointed out by several YouTube commentators including one who goes by the alias "TheWereBot", who wrote:

"Makes her wear a helmet for safety...Puts seatbelt under her arm so we can see her t#ts...Great job guys."

Well, we couldn’t agree more…

And since were on the safety subject, at the same event, Exotics Racing also filmed a second young lady, this time in a Z06 Corvette with her seat belt in the correct (?) position, but that was probably enforced due to her…how should we say…unbuckled goods.

Enjoy the two videos after the break.