There's No Easy Way Out for Snow Covered Camaro


Most owners of rear-wheel drive sports cars living in areas of the world that are often plagued by snow during the winter months choose to park and lock up their cars, usually sometime towards the end of fall, and take them out again only when spring arrives.

Nevertheless, there are some drivers who either don’t want to or simply cannot afford to own a second vehicle as a winter-season daily ride, so they man up and use their RWD models at all times.

We don't know if this video of a dad recording his son literally trying to plow his way out of the snow in a fourth gen Chevy Camaro was staged or not, but together with the sounds of Robert Tepper's "No Easy Way Out" hit (from Rocky IV) heard on the background, it sure made us chuckle…

We also found some bonus footage of an unrelated Camaro Mk4 driver attempting to conquer the elements of nature, which you can enjoy right past the jump.

We tip our hat to Mark J. for the find!



donaldhump said... »November 18, 2012

when there's a snow storm and the people who own Mustangs and other RWD cars without good tires and traction control insist on driving... I'm sorry to be insensitive... but they make things more difficult for the rest of us who are trying to get someplace.

Jim Wile said... »November 18, 2012

It takes technique - I grew up learning to drive rear wheel vehicles in all sorts of conditions. It is technique and knowledge.

MerkurMan said... »November 18, 2012

Really, has this guy ever heard of a shovel or a snow brush? And I doubt any FWD car would have done any better than that white Camaro with wide, all season (or even better, 3-season) tires. I guess I'm just biased though, having owned nothing but RWD cars my entire life, and realizing the joys of snow tires.

MerkurMan said... »November 18, 2012

I'm more inclined to deride the SUV and truck owners who praise their 4x4 systems right up until the moment they realize that stopping and turning are equally as important as sustaining forward momentum.

SomeRandomCommenter said... »November 19, 2012

It's funny seeing those SUV drivers going fast in the snow, then later on you see them in a ditch.

Milan Legius said... »November 19, 2012

Let me get this straight - you can't even afford a normal car so you're like 'Meh, then i'll buy a muscle car.' America, what the hack is happening to you!

The Man said... »November 19, 2012

Remember that Aston Martin from the Bond film The Living Daylights? With the retractable spikes in the tires? We NEED to invent that ASAP!!!

city said... »December 17, 2012

thanks for sharing.

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