U Spy: CarScoop Reader Meets Camouflaged Trailblazer at Stelvio Pass in Italy

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While enjoying a ride on a twisty Italian road in his Porsche Boxster 981, CarScoop reader Michael, who you may remember from his previous video when he filmed a Mercedes prototype in the Italian Dolomites (see here), stumbled upon a convoy of Chevrolet trucks and crossovers.

"Here is another video from the day after," Michael tells us. "This time I encountered two Chevy SUV test cars and their support vehicles on the road between Bormio and Stelvio pass. I sure hope that it means that Chevys will have better handling in the future ;)"

We don't know about their driving dynamics, but we can say that the pickup trucks are the new Chevrolet Colorado and the camouflaged SUVs, it's Trailblazer sibling (sold in Australia as the Holden Colorado SUV), both of which are already available in selects markets around the world.

GM has confirmed that the Colorado pickup truck will be made and offered in the States, but has yet to announce a sales date, while it has no plans to sell the Trailblazer SUV in America.

We tip our hats to Michael R. for the video!