What do You Think About the Aston Martin Vanish CUV Design Concept?


From the moment Aston Martin did the unthinkable by placing its name and badges on the Toyota iQ (Scion in North America) city car to build the Cygnet, just about anything goes when it comes to imagining future products for the British brand.

One of the more interesting projects we have seen lately comes to us from a first year Automotive and Transport Design student at the Coventry University, identified under the alias 'Mcflurry1992'.

The "baby" Aston Martin is called Vanish (admittedly, not the best name for such a project) and it is a concept for a compact-sized hatchback with crossover elements.

The designer is proposing both three- and five-door body styles for the high-riding hatchback, which combines Aston Martin's overly familiar face with a fresh take on the rest of the design details.

Scroll down to take a look at the rest of the images and voice your thoughts in the comments.

Design Credits: Mcflurry1992




Krayzie said... »November 06, 2012

Uh why are the wheels so fucking huge

europeon said... »November 08, 2012

Does it comes with Kahn wheels as standard? :)

Luc Helterbrand said... »November 08, 2012

utterly ridiculous! it's a cartoon..a character...not at all something that should be part of the aston martin line. it looks like one of those novelty puffy slippers you wear about the house.

I Can Read said... »November 08, 2012

Please God no!

Khalid Alqassimi said... »November 08, 2012

It looks more of a hatchback to me, too compressed.

I would consider it if it was a full SUV, 4 doors.

Mario Lbizzy said... »November 08, 2012

I like it, it is way better than the Cygnet, considering almost every premium auto manufacturer has an SUV of some type in the works, why not Aston Martin? People, talk a lot of junk about the ugliness of the NIssan Juke, yet it is selling, so why not a Suv version of an Aston, I have no doubt it will look infinately better than the Juke or anything out on the market right now.

ben nibohs said... »November 08, 2012

why does the sketches make it look so "cute"

Anonymous said... »November 12, 2012


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