Wheels of Steel: Robert Kubica Proves He's Still Got It

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If not all, most ordinary drivers would think twice before sitting behind the wheel of a racecar after such a traumatic crash as the one experienced by former BMW-Sauber and Renault Formula 1 star Robert Kubica in Italy almost two years ago.

But not Kubica, who not only returned to racing, but the Pole also made his maiden victory in a World Rally Car at the 2012 Rally di Como in Italy this past weekend.

There were plenty of highlights over the course of the race, but one that really stood out for us was when the 27-year old F1 pilot was filmed steering his Citroen C4 WRC full-throttle into a fairly tight turn right beside a building on the road, and which you can watch for yourself in the video below.

You may also want to know that Kubica plans to race the Citroen C4 WRC at next weekend's France's Rallye du Var.