2014 Corvette C7 Drawings Appear to be the Real Deal


If you were one of those people who believed that GM won't be able to keep the new generation of the Corvette a complete secret until its scheduled official unveiling on January 13, 2013, you're right.

Adding to the official and leaked documents and drawings over the past few months is a new set of sketches from a member of the Corvette forums named "BlueOX", who had this to say:

"I don't work for GM or anyone associated with GM. I have, for months, been sent information by a variety of people ahead of what has been published. Why, I'm not sure. Until now, I have kept it all to myself. What you will ultimately see here is all I have and I cannot vouch for it's authenticity."

While BlueOX cannot / won't say if they're real or not, from what we've seen from previous scoops and GM's own teaser videos, the sketches look legit to us.

The drawings, which may or may not be sourced from a General Motors' service manual, show the seventh generation Corvette's profile, rear end design with the very Camaro-like tail lamps and perhaps more importantly, a detailed outline of the interior, including the driver-centric dashboard.

Story References: Corvette Forum via Jalopnik





Rick said... »December 24, 2012

What's Up With the Saab dashboard on a sportscar?

Angela said... »December 24, 2012

Normally car companies like corvette keep their cars a secret for a long time before they show the world, and before people see the whole thing, there are always teaser videos to get people excited. It was only natural that everyone thought that these drawings were fake.

John L said... »December 24, 2012

Well, if these are authentic, it is a big Ho Hum! Doesn't do anything for me. Looks a lot like previous vettes.

nvrpc said... »December 24, 2012

Well I can't say I like those camero tail-lights and I hope this vet has the same 14 way adjustable Recaro seats the 2013 CTS-V has in it. Personally I hope the tail lights are not for real and the rear lights are still round. Other than that I'm assuming it will grow on people and the C6 people will buy the C7 like its going out of style. Let's see how she does on the track at Ron Fellow in 2014 and I'll get back with you. See you there.

CarolineFournier said... »December 24, 2012

camaro ass

BEBNC1 said... »December 24, 2012

Wrong, the "crescent moon" dash is very similar to the 1990-96 Corvette.....almost identical, by these renderings.

BEBNC1 said... »December 24, 2012

I know..... i really hope these "rear end" renderings are wrong. All over aspects of the car look good though.

BEBNC1 said... »December 24, 2012

and so do previous Porsches, Ferraris, Lambos, etc. It's call improving on a already great platform. I really hope this isn't the rear though. To make an honest judgement you should wait til you at least see one in person.

Mike Gonzalez said... »December 24, 2012

looks nice and very promising but it kinda reminds me of the Lexus LF-A

DEALER said... »December 24, 2012

crescent moon fancy name for SAAB DASHBOARD

Khalid Alqassimi said... »December 24, 2012

Jag F-type... That's all I'm going to say about the dashboard.

911 said... »December 24, 2012

What the hell are you guys complaining about - This thing looks great inside and out!

Still can't wait to see it in color, although I have to say: Thank you Carscoop for this damn fine christmas present!

seriously? said... »December 24, 2012

that interior is shaped like a viper

DEALBREAKER said... »December 24, 2012


Chitterling said... »December 24, 2012

If you look at the previous posts about the C7 on gran turismo and other spy shots, it shows the taillights being circular. If you look at the spy shots and these renderings, I think you will see that the rendering's rear is wrong... hopefully

ben said... »December 25, 2012

UGLY ! the back in particular...

CUL said... »December 25, 2012

It looks awesome, but purist people gonna start compare it and its good, but come on, we have to move to the next level.

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2013

Looks good to me!

facebook-1168704063 said... »January 03, 2013

gaaah, the surprise is ruined!! why did I click on the link LOL!!

aaah... still excited.

Jay S said... »January 05, 2013

The taillights are round. But they're sunk into squarish housing. Probably Chevy's attempt to keep both the Vette's styling cue and the new total Chevy brand cue at once. Does it work? We report, you decide.

R. Pitt said... »January 09, 2013

YES ! Finally a change in those UGLY round taillights. It's called progress
people, I'm the biggest fan of Corvette's you can find, but this is the BEST
CORVETTE of all time. Everything you people griped about for last 20 years
has been corrected. The best part though is the Camaro type tailights, which
for us older but still cool guys, remember came off the 1974 Nova. Just put
a 74 Nova next to the Camaro & same lights, class returned. I was so
tired of the round lights on the rear it's great to see sweet headlamps equaled
by taillights to match. I mean my vettes of the 70's, my 71 & 77 had old lights
like the 2012. Change was needed, (as was getting rid of hidden headlamps
which look retarded when broke & up in daylight). Sorry if politically incorrect
word Retarded offended anyone, not meant to. Just finally excited to see
changes that ALL the car magazines ragged on the Vette for ever, (cheap
seats & same interior), though for savings over Porsche you could import
custom recarrdo or some other seats. And as one who drove the new
car-carrier with all cars sold in the USA, what a improvement over the
way extreme Viper. I mean, 1st year no windows? Are you serious?
Cheap funny car dash, nose bigger than Jimmy Durante, (old timer from
the 60's for you babies), exhaust pipe burning your legs after trying to exit.
Loud exhaust made ya deaf after 30 seconds. No friends, still $ for $,
decade after decade, nothing EVER came close to my Corvettes, they
only get better. PS rode in my way older brother's Corvettes from 50's
to todays c-6. Thanks President O'Bama from a Michigan born & raised
man who would rather die than ride in a foreign sports car. Rommey is
a " Judus ", let GM & Chrysler go bankrupted, enjoy your RETIREMENT.

Traumaball said... »January 13, 2013

Back end looks like a really nice muscle car that Chevy already has in their line-up . . . one designed for the younger crowd, intriguing if i were 18 and able to afford 60K + expenses and a place to store and revere it. My wife thinks they gave up when they got to the back end, copied and pasted so to speak . . . sounds like GM is trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole!!! The technology hopefully will make up for the "Camaro-cat-calls" that Corvette C7 drivers are inevitably going to have to endure. Time to primp, polish and get new rims for my C6.

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