A Study for a New Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe


For as long as we can remember, Lincoln has been trying to reinvent itself, admittedly, without much success.

The company's latest efforts include appointing Max Wolff of former Cadillac fame as its head designer, the opening of a dedicated 40,000 square foot styling studio and let's not forget, the roll out of the new MKZ mid-size sedan.

We've only heard bits and pieces about Lincoln's future product plans, but since independent designers have no restrictions whatsoever about the cars they dream up, Michael Chestnut from Los Angeles, California, is proposing a luxury sports coupe for the troubled brand.

The industrial designer's concept study features a slightly different interpretation of the new MKZ's upside-down moustache grille with the rear of the car brining to mind creations from Bentley.

Chestnut did not provide any specific details about the concept.

Designer : Michael Chestnut


Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe-1Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe-2Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe-3Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe-4Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe-5Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe-6


SomeRandomCommenter said... »December 21, 2012

This car should definitely be on the 'Not Fit For Production' list

David L. Parsons said... »December 21, 2012

the ass end of this car is ATROCIOUS...go back to the drawing board and try it again. Actually, throw this one away and start all over. Please. Quickly.

AstonMartin said... »December 21, 2012

STOP right there. The sketches gave hope though the execution failed in this case. Lincoln must FULLY reinvent their design language in order to remain relevant. Placing a new skin on existing Fords will only go so far. With so many talented designers out there, this should not be a difficult task. I did like the MKF Concept posted on this blog a while back but it will take this kind of bold direction in styling paired with top engines & a great driving experience for Lincoln to pull of the reinvent. I hope they win however the new offerings are sleepers - I'm eager to see the MKC concept at NAIAS but I know the concept will ultimately be watered down for production. MKF concept:

TeriBean said... »December 21, 2012

I just love how everybody is a genius

Kaveh Ghavim said... »December 22, 2012

Looks like a bad copy and paste of a ton of other types of cars instead of something original.

Car-critique said... »December 22, 2012

I hope this is not a joke.

mr_ed said... »December 22, 2012


enjay57 said... »December 22, 2012

How can ugliness get so far in the design process? Someone should have said NO a long time ago.

yo said... »December 22, 2012

this is worse than the junk they sell now. epic fail.

dumblikeyou2 said... »December 22, 2012

LOL. Lincoln just stop drop and role right out the door. LOL

dumblikeyou2 said... »December 22, 2012

And by the way Mr. Wolf, there's far too much CTS coupe coming through this design.

Garrett Spicer said... »December 22, 2012

I only like the MKS AWD.

Garrett Spicer said... »December 23, 2012

They should start making 1930/40s style exterior/interior with modern technology and offer normal sedans with luxury as a "Luxury Ford".

lacutis2012 lacutis said... »December 23, 2012

it has a nice side profile...but the front /back is like from a 90's design book ... needs to rethink the design again...

tradewinns said... »December 23, 2012

please God change the front end.

emjayay said... »December 25, 2012

It's a Cadillac-Bentley-Lincoln-Banglebutt. The best idea for Lincoln was the concept they showed a few years ago that recalled the 1961 Lincoln Continental. They should look at the original Continental, the 1956 Continental II, the 1961 LC, and go from there.

Kopperhead said... »December 29, 2012

Lincoln needs a Halo Car.......the thing in this article is not it!

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