Cam-Shaft will Foil Wrap your Ferrari F12berlinetta from Top to Bottom for €4,300

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After its more extreme tunes of the VW Golf R and the Renault Clio RS, German aftermarket firm Cam-Shaft is proposing a much milder and purely cosmetic take on a car that doesn't really need any performance upgrades to stand out from the crowd anyway.

We're talking about Ferrari's 599 replacement, the F12berlinetta that sports a 6.2-liter V12 engine pushing out 730hp (740PS) and 690Nm (509 lb-ft) of peak torque, good for a 0-200 km/h (124 mph) sprint time of 8.5 seconds and a 340 km/h+ (211mph+) maximum speed.

What Cam-Shaft is recommending is a foil wrap in a matte gunmetal shade for the exterior of the Ferrari supercar that will cost you €2,900 (approximately US$3,800 at today's currency rates) plus another €700 (US$900) if you want to cover the door sills and edges.

An additional €700 (US$900) will get you a powder coating of the F12berlinetta's original wheels in the same color as the rest of the car.

If you do the math, the total comes out to €4,300 or about US$5,600 (if you live in Germany).


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