Dodge Cummins Drags Chevrolet Silverado Around a Parking Lot During Crazy Tug of War [NSFW]

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Whoever said that watching pickup trucks isn't fun, hasn't obviously witnessed a mechanical tug-of-war.

A group of young Americans who didn’t have anything better to do on what we assume to be a Friday night since the video was uploaded on Saturday, Dec. 15, watched two of their peers stage a tugging war at a parking lot with their trucks, a Chevrolet Silverado and a diesel-powered Dodge Ram Cummins.

The Silverado not only lost hands down, but the overzealous driver of the diesel Dodge truck took the Chevy for a foolishly dangerous victory run around the parking lot. Naturally, all hell broke loose once he stopped…

The person who uploaded the video named Blake Burkett, stated on YouTube:

"A Chevy truck owner talked way too much crap, and this is what happened. They guy in the Dodge went way too far. A few blows were exchanged afterwards, and the cops showed up."

As you probably have already figured out by the theme, there's a lot of NSFW talk going on during the incident, so you may want to turn down if not completely mute the sound on the video that follows.