Elia Brings in the Bling to Dacia Duster SUV


It seems German tuner Elia is convinced that the Dacia Duster's low starting price means that buyers will have extra cash left for upgrading their ride, so it's churning out one project after the other.

If the two-tone, orange and black-themed and the completely murder out Duster tunes that we showed you back in the summer didn't do the trick for you, here's one more proposal from Elia.

This time, the German company dressed up a white-colored Duster SUV with a matte black styling kit that includes the wheel arch extensions, the lower halves of the bumpers, the mirrors and the door decals, along with an assortment of chrome accessories such as the front and rear bull bars, rocker panels and the 20-inch wheels.

A new set of LED rear combination lights, a stainless steel sports exhaust system with twin tailpipes and a multimedia system inside, round out Elia's upgrades.




Sam Woolley said... »December 11, 2012

what a fantastic way to look sooooooooo cheap and cheesy

europeon said... »December 11, 2012

I thought bullbars were outlawed in Europe decades ago...

Teetee said... »December 11, 2012

One word: cocălăreală.

Kaveh Ghavim said... »December 12, 2012

That makes no sense

no one said... »December 12, 2012

you can polish a turd, but it,s still shit

jarooo4 said... »December 12, 2012

First of all for example hunters get special permission to use them. Secondly Elia makes them from a special plastic material. And they arent prohibited.

Johnfalckt said... »December 12, 2012

I just vomitted. Are people wanting to SEMA show up Dacia's now?

luke said... »December 14, 2012

it still remain dacia

John said... »December 14, 2012

You have this (cheap) car? Is'nt Land Rover, Nissan or Jeep, but it could be better. and if it's gold plated shit, you'll take it, no matter who made it.

Anonymous said... »December 15, 2012

O masina destul de reusita tinand cont de calitate-pret.Tunata arata "fantastic"tinand cont ca este marca Dacia.Pe viitor vor arata si mai bine dar sa nu uitam ca este o masina "low cost".Multa bafta Dacia !!!!!!!!

Alin Dobre said... »April 03, 2013

Dacia can make this car in stock model, but can't keep the same price. All the people who dislike this car, make this because they hate Dacia or romanian peoples, but between what is heard about us and what is really is a big difference. Remember: Dacia is a low-cost car ! Durrable and resistant on rough road ! I have a Logan Ph1 2005, and it's still very fine, after 8 years.

Alin Dobre said... »April 03, 2013

One word for you: prost :)

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