Michigan Designer Dreams Up a Subaru BRZ Competitor for Nissan with SSS Concept


Mike Enayah is our kind of guy; he's a gearhead with a passion for design. After spending his childhood in the Middle East and traveling around the world with his family, he moved to the USA at a young age and went on to study architecture and interior design, while also obtaining a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from Wayne State University.

Enayah, whose automotive portfolio includes working for GM and a variety of SEMA projects, shares his dream of what a Nissan-branded rival for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT 86 would look like with a design study named the SSS Concept.

Here’s how Enayah describes his project:

"I have been struggling to find the perfect car for me to drive as I make a 120mile round trip to work I am looking at the Mustang GT, and the Subaru BRZ (sold also as Scion and Toyota FR-S). I am not too excited about the Mustang’s Gas mileage for my trip, and not too fond of FR’s styling, and by the way the 370Z is way out of my price range."

"So I decided to start designing my dream commuter hoping that Nissan could get inspired again to bring the SSS back. This car is my rendition of the SSS which I named 010 it is a V6 rear wheel drive I would like it to have a base price around $24,500, 250 HP and 3100 Lb."

Well, we're not sure about the V6 engine option, but we could definitely see a sports coupe like the SSS fitted with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and RWD placed right under the 370Z, both in terms of performance and pricing, in Nissan's range.

As always, feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comments below.

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Peacemaker ic said... »December 24, 2012

no. its all wrong, its all so wrong. i can't see one redeeming feature. nissan needs a car like this, but this is not the answer.

Abidan Ramirez said... »December 24, 2012

A Super Car with Corvette body and Mustang lights. That's what I see...

rich said... »December 24, 2012

Wow... He should not design cars! That is just so bad. No flow. No continuity. Just a bunch of lines and a mustang front end. Why? This looks nothing like a nissan product. It looks like a terrible attempt at a Spyker.

William Denny said... »December 24, 2012

Looks like a lot of Mustang influence to me, maybe he should replace the Nissan badge with a pony and try to sell it off to Ford instead.

McKay Berry said... »December 24, 2012

Nice idea, but it looks more like a muscle car than anything else. Doesnt really look like a nissan at all.

youtwitface said... »December 24, 2012

just bring back an updated 240z, how hard can that be?

Jonathan Wary said... »December 24, 2012

Shouldn't the Nissan design at least have something to do with the old-school Fairlady or Skyline?

MtryCarGuy said... »December 24, 2012

Is that a Mustang Pinewood Derby car?

Jake said... »December 25, 2012

Who doesn't see a bit of z31 in the rear? I see S13 influence in the front And a bit of old school 240z front and rear. If this was in a budget price range I would be in the line. People need to think different and this is different thinking! Cars are getting boring! Admit it, the 86/brz's sheet metal is boring as anything for a sport oriented car. It just doesn't look as exciting as it could, you have to bang on a wide body kit and put wide rims under it to give it satisfactory appeal. The first time I saw the front of the production model I thought it was a Hyundai, not a special piece of engineering brought to life. This above car looks like a sport oriented car and its exciting and fresh. Get rid of the yellow brakes, make the doors match up with the body and give it some different rims and thats one sexy car.

Jake said... »December 25, 2012

I don't see why a complete new badge would need to show the heritage of another badge

Anonymous said... »December 25, 2012

No nissan DNA at all!!

RHN said... »December 26, 2012

That sounds great and looks great but you're not gonna get that for $24,500. A well-equipt Sentra will run $24k. BTW, He has over $3000 in wheels and tires.:)

lacutis2012 lacutis said... »January 14, 2013

Looks like mad maxed mustang...nice!

deathcomesnoob said... »January 16, 2013

Crazy just bring back the silvia. This car looks crazy.

ineedtodesignfornissan said... »January 22, 2013

if i saw this car in the street, i know i would look over and say to my self what the sizzle happen to that....seriously the car needs a new front end and rear end make over, the sides are cool to me.

JRod0211 said... »January 23, 2013

It looks nice but Nissan is huge on they're lines, if the were a little softer more curvy it would certainly have that Nissan/ Infiniti feel that we all have come to know and love

Michael Moschonikolakis said... »January 24, 2013

I'm sold with a Nissan badge. It will last longer than a ford and won't look as cheap inside like a mustang. The design is out of the box, nothing like I have ever seen. Why is everybody so negative? This guy is very talented!

CJ1993 said... »February 07, 2013

I quite like the styling on this car.I like the angular pannels, and I like the way that the cabin is well inside the wheelbase. I don't completley like it though, What I don't like is the way the headlights angle in, and then right below them the bumper thrusts out. It reminds me too much of the original Porsche Cayanne turbo the way the front end went out then in the out then in again. It's just too confusing. A style option I would suggest to you is if you want the bumper to angle out, don't angle the headlights, or cover them with a lens that angles slightly in the same direction as the bumper. I'd also rase the headlights up a bit, instead of having them halfway down the front end, have them before the front end angles in, and put an air intake there. If that's the way the car is dfesigned, then that front end is fogivable. As it is, I wouldn't buy it.

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