Michigan Designer Dreams Up a Subaru BRZ Competitor for Nissan with SSS Concept

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Mike Enayah is our kind of guy; he's a gearhead with a passion for design. After spending his childhood in the Middle East and traveling around the world with his family, he moved to the USA at a young age and went on to study architecture and interior design, while also obtaining a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from Wayne State University.

Enayah, whose automotive portfolio includes working for GM and a variety of SEMA projects, shares his dream of what a Nissan-branded rival for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT 86 would look like with a design study named the SSS Concept.

Here’s how Enayah describes his project:

"I have been struggling to find the perfect car for me to drive as I make a 120mile round trip to work I am looking at the Mustang GT, and the Subaru BRZ (sold also as Scion and Toyota FR-S). I am not too excited about the Mustang’s Gas mileage for my trip, and not too fond of FR’s styling, and by the way the 370Z is way out of my price range."

"So I decided to start designing my dream commuter hoping that Nissan could get inspired again to bring the SSS back. This car is my rendition of the SSS which I named 010 it is a V6 rear wheel drive I would like it to have a base price around $24,500, 250 HP and 3100 Lb."

Well, we're not sure about the V6 engine option, but we could definitely see a sports coupe like the SSS fitted with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and RWD placed right under the 370Z, both in terms of performance and pricing, in Nissan's range.

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Story References: Mike Enayah