This Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Replica was Once a Proud Porsche Boxster

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There's no doubt that the Boxster series has been a wild sales success for Porsche, and being in the market for three generations and more than 16 years, means that you can find many used examples at affordable prices.

Up until recent years, replica car builders looked at the Pontiac Fiero when it came to cloning mid-engined models, but it's getting harder and harder to find worthwhile vehicles on the market, be that because the last ones were manufactured back in 1988, or because most of them have already been transformed into other models.

One car that appears to be picking up in popularity lately in the replica community (for all the reasons we explained previously) is the first generation Porsche Boxster, and it is this model that forms the base for the Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster we found on eBay. 

The builder replicated the Diablo's looks on the outside but left most parts of the Boxster's interior intact sans the floor, seats and for some inexplicable reason, the steering wheel, the upper part of which was removed. This may have worked for the Hoff in Knight Rider, but we can't see it being practical in any way on a regular car…

More photos and the seller's description can be found after the break.

Seller's Description

"It is a 99 Porsche boxster that makes a 99 Lamborghini diablo vt roadster shift stick 5 speeds It has original Lamborghini Rims with brand new tires Original lights Original door handles and locks Original emblems etc

It has remote operated windows Power mirrors Airbags,GPS etc. all the Porsche specs and everything works Hydraulic front suspension as the original Functional top with all the hardware on the top as well in the rear bonnet where the top attaches when in use Mommo seats. Not the cheap ones.

$1000 each Red carpet on the interior from the same manufacturer that provides Lamborghini Pioneer sound system with 2 boofers and 4 speakers Ice cold a/c Hella fog lights Apple candy red original paint it is NOT made from different parts from different was a whole running car with no problems when it was built.... clean title...NEVER SALVAGED,REBUILT OR CRASHED..... it is a kit built on a porsche not a cheap fiero or custom made car.......

ALL the safety features are in working order as they were when it left the factory in germany.... safety is a very delicate issue that a lot builders oversee in this kind of cars i have too many cars...and it is imposible for me to keep them all in this economy , this car really looks good and you better don't be married."