Turkish Designer Imagines a Mercedes-Benz Sub-Compact Hatch to Sit Under the A-Class


It took Mercedes-Benz two generation of models, but third time was a charm when it came to the firm's A-Class compact hatchback, which has been a wild success in Europe having secured more than 90,000 orders from September to mid-November, when Daimler last told us about the sales numbers.

Inspired by the more aggressive styling and proportions of the A-Class Mk3, Turkish industrial design Uğur Göküş took it upon himself to visualize a smaller model positioned between the Smart series and the A-Class.

Since "A" is the first letter of the alphabet, Göküş decided to change nomenclature and baptize his conceptual sub-compact hatch the VTR-Class.

We imagine the three-door supermini was designed to be roughly the same length as a Ford Fiesta or a Renault Clio, with a wider body for a more menacing stance.

If you head over the break, you will find a complete gallery of the Mercedes-Benz VTR study.

Story References: Ugur Gokus




europeon said... »December 27, 2012

Carscoop, IMO you have to stop with the articles promoting what 15 year old spoiled kids call designs, or at least don't post all the oddities out there.

zeddy said... »December 27, 2012's better than watching a guy take snow off his car.

Astonman said... »December 27, 2012

I like it! Aggresive looking. Nice hexagonal details in the headlights.

911 said... »December 28, 2012

Again: I don't know what you're complaining about. It's nice to see a concept like that, and the proportions even look close to something that could actually roll on the streets, not like some manufactueres wet dream we see so often and then get dissappointed when the real deal comes out.

The wheels are very cool, despite being much to big, but that's a problem with all concepts and the front looks mean. Give it a sedan rear end with a long rear overhang (which means keep the rear axle where it sits now), make it RWD with a 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed manual and voila: There you have the next 1 series M-Coupe, or probably the A class AMG-Coupe!

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