Why You Shouldn't Hide in a Car's Engine Bay to Scare Your Mechanic

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Well, despite the fact that this young prankster succeeded in frightening his victim, you could chalk this one up as a fail as at it came at a personal cost.

You see, some bright adults came up with the idea of hiding a kid in the empty engine compartment of an old Chrysler Sebring to scare a mechanic once he opened up the car's hood.

The prank actually worked, but the problem was that the Sebring's bonnet mechanism lacked a soft-close suspension system, and as a result, once the mechanic let go and jumped back, it whacked the youngster in the head.

The growling noises you hear in the end of the video (which, for the record, was shot in 2010), prove that pranks can be rather painful…

Hat tip to Roberto!