America, These Are Your 10 Best Selling Models of 2012


You've already read that 2012 was the best year for the automotive industry in the United States since the 2007 fallout with close to 14.5 million passenger and light commercial vehicle deliveries, but which ones were the best of the best in terms of sales?

The answer to the question comes from Car's Kicking Tires blog that has compiled a list with the 10 top sellers of the year.

There's no surprise with the overall winner, which for the umpteenth time is the Ford F-Series pickup truck range that easily beat the rest boasting a sales difference in excess of 50% from the runner up, the Chevrolet Silverado truck.

Japanese carmakers occupy six places in the top 10 list with the rest going to American brands.

Cars missing from 2011's top 10 include the Ford Fusion and the Chevrolet Cruze, which were replaced by two Honda models, the Civic compact and the CR-V.

A detailed view of this year's winners follows below.


Ford-F-150-11. Ford F-Series

2012 Sales: 646,316
Change Over 2011: +10.3%
Rank in 2011: 1

2013-Chevrolet-Silverado2. Chevrolet Silverado

2012 Sales: 418,312
Change Over 2011: +0.8%
Rank in 2011: 2

2013-Toyota-Camry3. Toyota Camry

2012 Sales: 404,886
Change Over 2011: +31.2%
Rank in 2011: 3

2012-Honda-Accord4. Honda Accord

2012 Sales: 331,872
Change Over 2011: +40.8%
Rank in 2011: 9

2012-Honda-Civic-Si5. Honda Civic

2012 Sales: 317,909
Change Over 2011: 43.7%
Rank in 2011: -

2013-Nissan-Altima-16. Nissan Altima

2012 Sales: 302,934
Change Over 2011: +12.6%
Rank in 2011: 4

2012-RAM7. Ram Trucks

2012 Sales: 293,363
Change Over 2011: +19.9%
Rank in 2011: 7

2013-Toyota-Corolla-8. Toyota Corolla/Matrix

2012 Sales: 290,947
Change Over 2011: +21.1%
Rank in 2011: 8

2012-Honda-CR-V9. Honda CR-V

2012 Sales: 281,652
Change Over 2011: +29,0%
Rank in 2011: -

2013-Ford-Escape10. Ford Escape

2012 Sales: 261,008
Change Over 2011: +2.6%
Rank in 2011: 5


USA said... »January 06, 2013

Why are so many stupid Americans still buying trucks? I can't imagine there are that many farmers, construction workers, etc in need of new vehicles. Must be nice to not care about spending almost $4 every 15 miles. P.S. I am an American- one of the smart ones that drives a vehicle that gets close to 40 mpg on the highway. Two words: CLIMATE CHANGE

Texan said... »January 06, 2013

Buying Trucks... Two Words: Commercial Use. These numbers include fleet sales for commercial use. Its also how Toyota and Nissan inflated their numbers through fleet sales to rental car companies.

Doug Ross said... »January 06, 2013

Climate change? Good one.

There is no evidence for human-caused global warming -- or is it called climate change because of the record snow we've had this winter? I forget -- as evidenced by the U.N.'s latest data dumps and the latest research.

NE1BUTU said... »January 06, 2013

Oh my god... Shut the %uck up!

interstatex said... »January 06, 2013

Trucks are also purchased by utility companies, government departments, a huge number of trades people and also as sports utility vehicles. The numbers soon add up.
If you drive a hybrid it's carbon footprint is actually larger than one of these trucks over the course of there respective lifetimes; that is from attaining the raw material ( including rare earth materials) to disposal (batteries).

As a smart American how would you carry 2 jet skies in a Prius?

europeon said... »January 06, 2013

You are one of those who can't hear us over the sound of your freedom, aren't you?

Dave said... »January 06, 2013

How do get the sand out of your hair? (by the way did you know that the earth is round and we rotate around the sun?)

Dave said... »January 06, 2013

Everyone does.

Sam said... »January 06, 2013

If the USA is anything like Australia, the reason people buy these dual cab trucks is because of their sheer versatility therefore the family can do without a second or third car. They can carry the whole family plus all their gear easily. They are perceived as safe. They can tow anything. What is lost on large petrol bills is made back courtesty of only one set of maintainance, registration and insurance bills.

ben nibohs said... »January 07, 2013

but...he has a point, i dont get why it should be anywhere near the best selling car, i mean just take a look at other countries, pickup trucks doesn't even come anywhere near the top ten and there are 3 in this list,
the F150 alone is 250 thousand cars ahead of the normal saloon!
And lets go with what you said the trucks being purchased by utility companies, government departments,
Even if those companies purchase a ridiculous 60% of all F150s sold for example, theres still another 260,000 trucks,
that's still a massive amount for a truck, a commercial vehicle

interstatex said... »January 07, 2013

I not so sure he does have a point.

According to the article there were 14.5 million total sales of vehicles, less than 650,000 were F series trucks approx 4% of all sales in the US..not much market share for a best seller actually.

There are 10 basic models of F series truck without taking into account the massive list of options making it's market reach huge.

The truck is hugely popular in the USA as they have the space to use them. In a modern European city for example ( where most Europeans live), the parking spaces are physically too small to park a F Series, Silverado or Ram. There's also the cultural significance of the truck in American culture, it's as part of the USA as apple pie.

Anyway it doesn't matter either way, the figures speak for themselves.. quite fancy a F150 Raptor actually.

Ste said... »January 08, 2013

Here in Aus the Toyota Hilux outsold every passenger car for nearly half of 2012. There's all of the "lifestyle" associations with an SUV. But also, a ute can be claimed as a tax deduction. And if it has 4 doors, you can jam the whole family in there, and it saves the cost of a 2nd car...

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