BMW Driver Discovers that You Cant's go Too Far with a Clamper on Your Wheel…

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No one likes to see their car clamped down, regardless if they deserve it or not, but once it happens, the only other thing you can really do besides paying the ticket is to complain about it.

Well, at least these are the options for someone rational, because you could always defy logic and attempt something stupid like drive away with one of your wheels locked in the clamp, which is precisely what an elderly man from Dublin, Ireland, tried to do in a BMW 5-Series Touring (E39).

Eyewitness Mark Kelly explained on YouTube:

"A man in Ranelagh, in south side Dublin (29/01/13) tries to escape from the Dublin City clampers with the clamp on his wheel. I initially stopped while he was in traffic assuming he didn't realise coz he was oldish.. However, he told me 'feck the clampers, they can go to hell' as he drove off down Ranelagh main street been pursued by them."

"Pretty good driving until the road started to curve and he started driving straight ahead towards the footpath! Clampers obviously followed slowly, as they knew he wasn't really going to escape! He fought the clampers and he lost. Better luck next time Mr!"

A wibbly-wobbly video of the incident follows below.