BMWs and Two-Wheelers Don't Mix in Taiwan


Here's another episode between a BMW driver and a biker in Taiwan. Whereas last time, we saw a bicyclist crossing paths with a BMW (and paying the price for it…), now it's a scooter rider.

The person steering what looks to be a BMW M5 E61 sedan charges off as soon as the light turns green but is soon annoyed by the presence of a motorcyclist.

We can't know if words or…hand gestures were exchanged between them, but the M5 driver begins to chase the scooter until he corners him on the road where the two have a conversation about the incident, all while the traffic behind begins to pile up...

Skip the break to watch the clip for yourself.



Jason Hall said... »January 02, 2013

I suppose it's a reassuring constant that BMW drivers are the same all over the world.

S├ębastien said... »January 02, 2013

I guess we missed the earlier part of the story...
Maybe the scooter guy did scratch the car before the traffic light or something like that, or just a bad look.

skee said... »January 02, 2013

just no regard for other motorists...such dumb drivers asian people are. it's because most of them haven't been driving for decades like everybody else
reminds me of bmw drivers where i live, vancouver
ps. they're all asian!!

jeff said... »January 03, 2013

Motorcycles are not allowed to ride in fast lane in Taiwan...u guys missing the point

Leopold said... »January 03, 2013

People all think its all asian drivers and such, like you white people can drive better. Quite shallow minded you are skee(t).
Motorcycles in most asian countries have their own dedicated lane, we all pay tax, but car drivers pay a hefty amount of road tax and toll for them to build us and maintain roads for us to use, motorcyclist pays much less and no toll charges but these money contribute in their motorcycle lane. What pisses me off is that 90% of motorcyclist do not use their lanes! How pissed off would they be if i drive in a motorcycle lane out of stupidity?!

ah cheong said... »January 03, 2013

bmw + chinese = arrogant

Captian Obvious said... »January 03, 2013

typical BMW driver/owner : This road is belong to my species

Marcin said... »January 03, 2013

I wouldn't agree with the Asian hatin.

However, most BMW drivers (especially M model) are the craziest drivers around. The "machoness" was seeping out of this one, he had to prove he is the king of the road with this stunt. So sad....

Magz said... »January 04, 2013

The point here for me seems to be a BMW driver trying to prove his car is faster than a 50c.c. scooter... as if anyone ever had any doubt about it being faster. It looks like the driver is the one with doubts about that. So sad...

chinzi yeng said... »January 07, 2013

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