Fiat-Chrysler's Revised Product Plan Drops Chrysler and Dodge Models, Adds Alfas and Fiats

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Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed on Wednesday, January 30, a revised version of the company's product plan for its seven of its mainstream brands in North America, including Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, Dodge, SRT, Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Under the new schedule, the four small cars previously planned for Chrysler and Dodge, two for each brand, which would have been assembled by Fiat and be launched this year, are now dead.

On the upside, the revised plan for the North American markets calls for an additional four new Fiat and two Alfa Romeo models, all due in 2015. If the plan is implemented without any disruptions (and that's a big 'if'), the group will add 46 new or refreshed models in its North American line-up in the next four years.

Ten of those are due in 2013, with Marchionne acknowledging that this year’s launch schedule is “pretty intense”. Jeep will launch the revised Grand Cherokee and the new D-segment SUV, aka Cherokee/Liberty replacement, RAM its heavily revised 2500-3500 pickup and the new ProMaster commercial van, Dodge one undisclosed (and newly added) refreshed model, SRT a revised Grand Cherokee, Fiat the 500L and Alfa Romeo an undisclosed model, most likely the 4C coupe.

The bulk of new models come in 2015, with three new Chryslers, two new Jeeps, one revamped RAM, one new and one revised Dodge, a revamped SRT version, six new Fiat and four new Alfa Romeo models scheduled for launch in North.

Moreover, Marchionne disclosed the Chrysler Group 2012 preliminary financial results: “We had a net income of US$1.7 billion last year. That’s way up from 2011’s US$183 million”, he said. “While it’s still small compared to our Motor City competitors, it’s ahead of our projections”.

He warned against complacency, though, noting that “the enterprise we are crafting is not complete. Our continued achievement relies upon maintaining a humble spirit and an intense focus on the integrity of our work.”

You can scroll down and view the updated business plan in detail, as well as the group’s results for the 2012 fiscal year.

By Andrew Tsaousis