Ghostly Foam Car Flabbergasts Aussie Cops in Queensland

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A group of people including two police officers and onlookers who were standing in the middle of a road in the tourist resort township of Mooloolaba in Queensland, Australia, were caught off guard when what the originally thought was a wave of sea foam turned out to be a car in a…frothy disguise!

The surprise-ending footage was captured by Michel Bell who visited the area with his sister to watch the impressive natural phenomenon caused by a tropical cyclone in the area.

"It was unbelievable. We walked down there just as they were closing the road. That car was probably parked under the foam and they'd had to drive it out," he told Australia's News.

"We just thought the bus was pushing a wave of foam – we didn't even know the car was there," he said. "It was a shock to everyone. Luckily the police officers managed to get out of the way. I showed the footage to the two officers and the one who pushed the other out of the way thought he was pretty famous."