Hagwalah: That Was, Way, Way Too Close for Comfort…


The only thing that's more senseless than hanging out of a car that is practicing the outlawed Saudi Arabian style of drifting known locally as 'hagwalah' is to stand on the side, or even worse, in the middle of the road, to watch the spectacle.

And let's say you do, if a car is drifting slide-ways towards you at high speed, shouldn't you at least start running away as fast as you can?

Well, let that be a lesson for the man filming one of the hagwalah sessions that take place en masse on the public roads of Middle Eastern countries . If you watch the video he shot after the jump, you'll see what we mean by that…



Brian Wright said... »January 16, 2013

do not know they represented or racing or a terrorist, but look at the faces of people seem to panic. Thanks

pcurve said... »January 16, 2013

Every time I watch one of these videos, I start singing "No One Else - Bushman"

Push my feeling, push my feeling
Push it up, push it up, push my feeling (2X)
I don't need no one else but you in my life...


Braddo said... »January 16, 2013

is this really a whole country FULL of idiots?? These people need a f$#kin education....

Merc1 said... »January 16, 2013

OMG. Not what happened, but the fact that an Avalon can actually move that fast!


SomeRandomCommenter said... »January 16, 2013

Are those people standing there just waiting for these wannabe drifters to come by?

Kimberly Mayer said... »January 17, 2013

am not really sure what on earth your were trying to show case because ,people here seem too shocked and scared.This is disturbing get better effects next time

Stelios said... »January 17, 2013

The amount of "malakia" in these guys is limitless...

M16 said... »January 17, 2013

... and you need it too, how did you judge the smartness of people by looking to thier driving skills ?


TangoUrilla said... »January 17, 2013

Are they all morons over there?

CWM said... »January 17, 2013

I agree. "Dong wha la day la!"

Braddo said... »January 17, 2013

Because an educated person wouldnt behave like this - we generally respect life and safety...i.e generally - these guys have a death wish for sure

Nelson Auto News said... »January 21, 2013


Abdulaziz S said... »March 23, 2013

its over 240 KM :] I WAS THERE!!

Abdulaziz S said... »March 23, 2013

and this is my newest video

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