Hyundai Axes i45 a.k.a Sonata and Focuses on More Premium i40 in Australia


The Hyundai i45, known in other parts of the world such as North America as the Sonata, will be no more in Australia as the Korean carmaker will suspend sales of the mid-size sedan in the country.

Instead, its place in Hyundai's Australian lineup is being taken by the newly introduced i40 sedan, which was designed and initially launched in Europe as the brand's fighter in the D segment.

Hyundai said the decision was made due to the "ever-increasing global demand for the i45" especially in the Middle East and North America, and "limitations to global supply" adding that because these markets receive priority, Australia has struggled to secure enough i45 volume to deliver to the car’s potential in the country.

According to Australian website TMR, the i45 starts AU$26,990 and tops out at AU$37,490 for the Premium grade, while the i40 begins at AU$29,990 and can go as high as $44,590 for the Premium sedan and $46,590 for the Premium station wagon.

“The i40 range offers Australian buyers the option of Sedan and Tourer body styles, as well as a choice of highly efficient petrol and diesel powertrains with class-leading specifications throughout,” said Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Operating Officer, John Elsworth. “We’ve worked hard to introduce more features to i40 and to create a premium mid-size choice for the brand.”

Hyundai said that much of the remaining local supplies of the i45 will be channeled to corporate and government sectors.

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Able said... »January 22, 2013

And I can tell you that no Australians could give a s**t either!

Dave said... »January 22, 2013

Did someone shit in your sandbox.

Josh said... »January 22, 2013

I always liked the i45 styling. Especially the Premium model with panoramic sunroof, offers good value compared to other cars at that price. IMO it looks better than the i40. They mentioned "ever-increasing global demand" but most likely they just weren't selling enough in Australia. At least it's a unique looking car on the road.

Sean said... »January 23, 2013

Anyone who was looking to buy one of these should check out the Kia Optima. Underneath the bodywork it is exactly the same car, just with different equipment and a different suspension time. Looks much better to boot.

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