Hyundai Teases New HCD-14 Concept, Does it Preview the Next Genesis Sedan?


Only minutes after we told you that Hyundai plans to reveal a new concept car at next week's Detroit auto show, the South Korean automaker came out with a single teaser image and a short statement of said model, which is named the HCD-14.

Here's what Hyundai told us: "The HCD-14 concept will give the automotive world a glimpse into future Hyundai premium vehicle design, advanced 3-D gesture-based technology controls, and spirited driving dynamics."

Looking at Hyundai's rendering of the study and comparing it with spy shots of the next generation Genesis luxury sedan we recently caught testing in Germany, we would say there's a very strong possibility that the HCD-14 is a precursor of that model.

Feel free to take a look and compare the images for yourself right below the break and tell us your thoughts in the comments area.




AstonMartin said... »January 07, 2013

Oh my! That HCD 14 concept is hot. If Hyundai keeps up their aggressive pace in the industry they will someday (next 7 yrs) rival the very best in luxury from Asia (using Euro inspired designs) - its a winning strategy that's gained market share.

donald seymour said... »January 07, 2013


Catalin said... »January 07, 2013

Well, it was about time Hyundai would follow the 4-door coupe trend that is so successful for Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

bd005 said... »January 07, 2013

The rendering (as they usually do) of the concept has a sleeker rendition of the greenhouse; the real one is decent, but not great (the Kia K9 has the better greenhouse shape).

bd005 said... »January 07, 2013

The 2G Genesis is getting heavy development input from Hyundai Europe so it should be a better driver; that and a more luxurious interior should make it compelling competitor, particularly against the Infiniti M and Lexus GS since Hyundai can undercut them since Hyundai doesn't need to price in the cost of a separate luxury brand and dealer network.

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