Mazda and Fiat Sign Deal for New Alfa Romeo Spider, will be Made in Japan from 2015


Last May, the Fiat Group and Mazda revealed that they signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the joint development and production of a new roadster for the Alfa Romeo and Mazda brands.

Today, the two companies announced the signing of the Final Agreement, which stipulates that the Japanese carmaker will produce an open-top two-seater sports car at its Hiroshima plant from 2015.

As per the MoU, the new Alfa Romeo Spider (as it will presumably be named) will be based on the architecture of the fourth-generation MX-5 – which, for Alfisti and sports car fans, is certainly good news as it means that the Italian roadster will be rear-wheel drive.

The official announcement stresses that the new roadsters will sport brand-specific design and each company’s own engines. So, no simple badge-engineering job then…or at least that's what Fiat and Mazda claim.

Note: The Alfa Romeo Spider seen in these pictures is a Pininfarina concept from 2010

By Andrew Tsaousis




Akash Gura Goredo said... »January 18, 2013

This sleek beast is a reminder to all those designers out there: the lesser the better: got that Nissan Juke and Ford Atlas designers?

interstatex said... »January 18, 2013

Sleek only in roof, no door handles or even a tidy place for the front licence plate..if only it were real !

Dave Cohen said... »January 18, 2013

Concept precedes detail in the design phase. Nice...lets see how the details take away from the "sleek"

DuDE said... »January 18, 2013

Finally a reliable Alfa Romeo....from mazda.

Randy Terpstra said... »January 18, 2013

Not entirely. The Alfa version will have -as Marchionne might put it- a 'wop' engine. XD

interstatex said... »January 18, 2013

Thanks for clarifying the obvious Dave.

alpha0201 said... »January 18, 2013

Dear Alfa Romeo,

If you're going to collaborate with Mazda, please leave all the mechanicals to them while you do all the aesthetics. Don't make the same mistake like what you did to Alfa Romeo Arna.



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