Meet the Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S GRMN SPORTS FR Concept PLATINUM [w/Video]

To be frank, Toyota got it right the first time with the original concepts for the 86 and the FR-S, but for one reason or another, it toned down the design of both models when time came to introduce the production variants.

While no doubt a success, many people have also complained about the lack of power from the Subaru-sourced 2.0-liter naturally aspirated flat four that generates 200-horses.

Toyota's racing and tuning partner Gazoo Racing is looking to rectify both issues with a new concept unveiled today at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 named the 'GRMN SPORTS FR Concept PLATINUM'.

On the styling front, Gazoo Racing devised a new front end with different headlamps, bumper and vented hood, while it also revised the rear end of the coupe that gains newly shaped taillights, a bumper with a diffuser and a re-sculptured boot lid housing a ginormous wing.

The wider and vented front and rear fenders, along with the new side skirts and 18-inch alloy wheels shod in tires size 245/40 up front and 265/35 at the back, round out the exterior upgrades.

Inside, the cabin was fitted with a full roll cage, bucket seats with four-point seat belts, a new race-spec steering wheel and numerous other appointments.

For the performance upgrades, Gazoo Racing made use of all the components it developed for GRMN Sports FR Concept shown at last year's Goodwood Festival starting with the addition of a twin-charger system combining a supercharger and a turbocharger for the boxer engine. Along with other improvements, output is lifted to 325hp (330PS) and peak torque to 431Nm (318 lb-ft).

A 6-speed manual transmission drives the rear wheels through a mechanical limited slip differential, with Gazoo Racing also making changes to the suspension and brakes.

Whether or not the Toyota tuner will offer the car in production guise, remains to be seen.


GRMN-Sports-FR-Concept-Platinum-1GRMN-Sports-FR-Concept-Platinum-2Gazoo Racing_Boulevard_Toyota GT86_Thu. 17.May 2012GRMN-Sports-FR-Concept-Platinum-4GRMN-Sports-FR-Concept-Platinum-5GRMN-Sports-FR-Concept-Platinum-6



RICE said... »January 10, 2013

All it needs are two giant coffee can-sized least 8 inched in diameter

ben nibohs said... »January 10, 2013

it looks like a supra wannabe

Kaveh Ghavim said... »January 10, 2013

Reminds me of a Supra, would look better without the wing.

idbdg said... »January 10, 2013

like Supra in modern design :-O

pcurve said... »January 10, 2013

Other than the front hood line, I approve

Chunk truffle shuffle said... »January 11, 2013

Looks like Supra and Audi quattro concept got the 86/FR-s in a 3way and the baby came out like sloth from the goonies. But ooh that wing is huge must mean its a 200mph car right? Koenigsegg cc 8 must be slower no wing :-(( prob like 80mph max . Anybody got a Baby Ruth candy bar

snake said... »January 11, 2013

reminds me the mitsubishi fto

Ricardo E Callado said... »January 11, 2013

Love it!!! they should make it and call it supra!!!! and add some options to make it a little more luxurious

Sushi Ninja said... »January 11, 2013

Looks a little cheesy unfortunantly. They realy need to make a proper Supra sequel. The FT-HS would be nice....

Greg VENEZIANO-BELAIEFF said... »January 11, 2013

But yeah it is sexy (the whole package, including the engine).

Vasilescu Petru-Ionut said... »January 11, 2013

The front side looks more like a Mitsubishi FTO than a Supra.

Nat said... »January 11, 2013

The styling is a little old school, there are some hints of modern design though.

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