Oh Why, Oh Why Would Someone Do This to a BMW 8-Series Coupe?


It's hard to believe just by looking at well-preserved examples, but next year, the BMW 8-Series coupe will be a quarter of a century old as it debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September of 1989, remaining in production for a decade.

It's also hard to believe that someone would spend time, effort and money to transform a 1993 850i into an odd-looking caricature (and that's a huge understatement) like the one pictured here.

With the exception of the glasshouse, the rest of the body has been radically modified. At the back, for example, we find a pair of BMW 3-Series E36 light clusters and a shaved bumper, while the front and rear fenders have been reshaped and widened. As for the front end of the car, it doesn't quite know if it wants to be a Jaguar XK Mk1 or a Panoz Esperante.

No wonder the project remains unfinished...

The V12-powered model is currently listed for sale in Germany with an asking price of €3,850, which is equal to about US$5,250.




scottropill said... »January 31, 2013


Kaveh Ghavim said... »January 31, 2013

What the hell where they trying to make?

SomeRandomCommenter said... »January 31, 2013

What an abomination

pcurve said... »January 31, 2013

I hate to say this, but I kind of like it... :-x

ben nibohs said... »January 31, 2013

i think those headlights are from the fiat barchetta

Greg VENEZIANO-BELAIEFF said... »February 01, 2013

Porsche 928's design + Fiat Barchetta headlights + Superb old school BMW = I really don't know but a big mess :'(

Etho san said... »February 01, 2013

from the first picture in the gallery, i could imagine someone might have been inspired by the mklV supra, but that is using quite a bit of imagination ;)

João Ricardo said... »February 01, 2013

@pcurve:disqus Just Die.....OK?

kachuks said... »February 01, 2013

Or just inspired by bad taste.

bonzomatic said... »February 01, 2013

Regardless of whether or not you like it, it's good body work. The seams all look pretty clean. It looks a lot better than some of the giant bolt on plastic pieces that some people put on cars.

carlWeathersArm said... »February 02, 2013

Someone should report him. While it's too late for the 8 series, there's still an M5 in the garage that can be saved from Dr. Frankenstein.

R. Piereck said... »February 16, 2013

Kill it with fire!

condor said... »February 28, 2013

kindly have the owner contact

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