Oh Why, Oh Why Would Someone Do This to a BMW 8-Series Coupe?

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It's hard to believe just by looking at well-preserved examples, but next year, the BMW 8-Series coupe will be a quarter of a century old as it debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September of 1989, remaining in production for a decade.

It's also hard to believe that someone would spend time, effort and money to transform a 1993 850i into an odd-looking caricature (and that's a huge understatement) like the one pictured here.

With the exception of the glasshouse, the rest of the body has been radically modified. At the back, for example, we find a pair of BMW 3-Series E36 light clusters and a shaved bumper, while the front and rear fenders have been reshaped and widened. As for the front end of the car, it doesn't quite know if it wants to be a Jaguar XK Mk1 or a Panoz Esperante.

No wonder the project remains unfinished...

The V12-powered model is currently listed for sale in Germany with an asking price of €3,850, which is equal to about US$5,250.