Rolls-Royce Ghost Becomes a Million Dollar Bathtub in Indonesia


Once again, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has been savaged by heavy floods reeling from torrential rain, which media reports said have left at least a dozen people dead and nearly 20,000 homeless.

Over the past few days, many roads inside and around the city were flooded stranding hundreds if not thousands of motorists.

In one incident, a Rolls-Royce Ghost saloon, said to cost around 10 billion IDR or over 1 million USD in Indonesia, was photographed outside the Bundaran Hotel partially submerged.

According to the local media, the owner of the car sought help to move the British limousine to safety and then had his driver use buckets to drain out the water.

If you scroll down, you will find pictures of the flooded Rolls-Royce along with a video of an underground, or shall we say, underwater parking lot entrance.

Photo Credits: MetroTV , Liputan6 & Viva

Thanks to Iswahyudi H. for the tip!





Steve said... »January 19, 2013

what's the matter, someone with money can't afford to drive a different car during such bad weather. may I suggest a range rover or land cruiser, and by the way, if one can afford a 1 mil car, one should be able to afford a higher ground parking spot.

Mother Nature's Son said... »January 19, 2013

Video demonstrates a perfect example of "the path of least resistance". Should have designed for that boys!

Ryan said... »January 19, 2013

Unlike human nature, mother nature does not discriminate whether one has a US$1mil car or a worthless car.

Thinker:) said... »January 19, 2013

I don't think he knew the flood was coming. I don't think anybody did. Otherwise they would all have saved their cars. I have a friend in Indonesia and she said it came so suddenly.

ben nibohs said... »January 20, 2013

i would've expected someone as rich as that to just hire a private helicopter or truck and left their car at their home, and then just bought a new one instead...

indo said... »January 21, 2013

Just fyi only, rr cost us eqv. around usd 1.3 mio to 1.5 mio, depends which options or dealer. Its the same cost with veyron in uk or usa, thats why ive never seen veyron in here, cause if it does that will cost us around usd 3 mio at least....3 mio for a car ???

Anonymous said... »January 30, 2013

Like this... To steve: this should be a perfect reply for your comment..

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