Taxi Driver Shows us How to Impress Your Passengers with a U-Turn


Luc Besson, we just might have a new candidate for your Taxi franchise, if you ever consider making a fifth movie, that is.

While we're not entirely convinced that the yellow sign on the roof of the white sedan does indeed indicate that it's a taxi (we also see a grey-colored BMW 3-Series E30 Touring with the same sign crossing by), the intrepid driver should consider himself lucky for not ending up in the face of the Toyota Highlander.

Make the slide over the break to watch the video footage for yourself.



ben nibohs said... »January 21, 2013

like A BAWSE

NJ said... »January 21, 2013

it's Bishkek, baby! :)))) (stupid)

NJ said... »January 21, 2013

a note for the moderators: the event takes place in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, which is no way near Russian Federation.
Here's the proof.

JohnCarscoop said... »January 22, 2013

Where in the article does it say that it is in Russia?

Dave Cohen said... »January 22, 2013

Just below the headline

jarooo4 said... »January 22, 2013

ROTFL. Yeah coz that change everything...
So why Canada has its own tag? It should be categorized as USA because for most people it doesnt matter if something from USA or Canada - just the same.
It's ridiculous and unprofessional. Tag Russia should be for Russia. Not the whole continent between Bering Strait and West Europe...

sabman said... »January 22, 2013

Whats the car in front of the car with the camera?

NJ said... »January 23, 2013

so, you're not changing anything?

NJ said... »January 23, 2013

Toyota Highlander, current gen

Frank Michel said... »February 17, 2013

Excelente articulo..


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