Top Gear Returns for 19th Season, Pagani Huayra Smashes Ariel Atom V8 Lap Record


Some say that it’s getting a bit old inserting the “some say” joke in Top Gear stories, so we’ll just get down to business. As you may probably have heard, the world’s most (in)famous TV car show is back for its 19th season.

Even though the three hosts teased us about what was about to come, and after watching them for so long, we’ve come to expect almost everything, the season premiere that aired on Sunday, 27 January on UK’s BBC Two managed to throw quite a surprise.

It’s not that Richard Hammond tested the exquisitely made (one day for manufacturing the badge?) Pagani Huayra, James May’s shirt nor the fact that Jeremy Clarkson made fun of the hypercar’s name but not of Stig (OK, the last one threw us off guard).

No, it was the time the Huayra set in the hand of the man in the white Simpson helmet and Alpinestars racing suit at the customary Top Gear lap that was extraordinary.

Believe it or not, the show’s tame racing driver posted the fastest ever lap time, managing an amazing 1:13.8. This is way faster than the crazy Ariel Atom V8 that weighs half as much as the Huayra and boasts 500HP and, until now, topped the list with a lap time of 1:15.1 and bears no comparison to the McLaren MP4-12C’s 1:16.2 or the all-wheel drive Lamborghini Aventador’s 1:16.5.

By Andrew Tsaousis

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911 said... »January 30, 2013

But Hammond didn't say that he liked the Huayra more than the Zonda, did he? So the Zonda should remain his favourite supercar! This would be another example for all the cars getting faster but less fun to drive.

No one said... »January 30, 2013

best show in the world

Anonymous said... »January 30, 2013

Hi did

Hajime1990 said... »January 30, 2013

thats the worst video quality ive ever seen on youtube

ben nibohs said... »January 30, 2013

it might be less shouty compared to a zonda, doesn't mean its less fun to drive, especially with that lap time...and the fact that you and me haven't actually driven either of them.

Catalin said... »January 30, 2013

He also didn't say he likes Angelina Jolie more than Jocelyn Wildenstein. So Jocelyn Wildenstein remains his favorite woman !

911 said... »January 30, 2013

Well, the clip starts with Hammond saying his favourite supercar was the Zonda with some short Zonda scenes. So if he felt the Huayra was his new favorite supercar, mentioning that sometime in the ongoing show would have been likely, don't you think?

Sergio Carranza said... »January 30, 2013

Good Quality video here, always check Streetfire for TG videos

donald seymour said... »January 30, 2013

Look 911, face it! Wait a minute, did you actually see the video? Because, Hammond said that it is better looking and faster. So, yes the zonda has a place in his heart, but He does like the Huayra.

911 said... »January 31, 2013

Read carefully, I'm questioning if the Huayra is Hammonds new favourite supercar, nothing less. The Huayra is faster than the Zonda, that's pretty much a fact and not an opinion, and I also think, that it looks better than the Zonda. But does saying so make it my favorite supercar? I don't think so. Top Gear isn't about numbers, they don't measure anything but the lap time, it's all about their opinions. So, if the Huayra review starts with Hammond saying the Zonda was his favourite supercar, the assumption of him saying the Huayra was his new one if that was the case doesn't seem very unlikely to me.

Trey Reid said... »January 31, 2013

There's and hd version on youtube just type in top gear season 19 episode 1 full

Trey Reid said... »January 31, 2013

I have a question in the last series the bugatti supersport posted the fastest time lap time on the track. When a car goes out of production do they take it off the board because I didn't see it up there?

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