What do You Think About Toyota's 86xStyle Cb Concept?


As Japan's most popular sports coupe, you won't be surprised to learn that this week's Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 will be flooded with all sorts of conceptual and production Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S in North America) tunes.

Previously, we reported about the twin-charged and sporty looking (with a hint of Supra, as noted by our readers), 'GRMN SPORTS FR Concept PLATINUM'.

Toyota's Original Accessory division has also worked its own vision of a customized version of the coupe dubbed 86xStyle Cb, said to mix classic and modern design elements.

Most styling changes take place up front where Toyota Original Accessory designed a new snout for the 86, and to a lesser extent, the rear end that sports new tail lamps, a duck-like spoiler and a different bumper housing new exhaust pipe outlets.

Completing the exterior makeover is the two tone paint scheme and the 18-inch BBS rims wrapped around 215/45 and 225/45 tires front and rear respectively.

The cabin was refined with dark brown colored leather appointments, new illumination for the dashboard and other extras.

The only performance upgrade is the new braking system from Brembo.


Toyota-86 Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop1Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop2Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop3Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop4Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop5Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop6Toyota-86xStyle-Cb-CarScoop7


pcurve said... »January 10, 2013

can't really see what the front looks like...

disqustng said... »January 10, 2013

Looks like a catfish squirmed out of a pond and gave itself some nice wheels.

Braddo said... »January 10, 2013

headlights look ridiculous... you can clearly see its not the original lights - they dont fit the spot very well at all - I find this normal 86 car looks very dated already, it may 'drift' well, but god talk about dull...

Pepeh Teerapat said... »January 11, 2013

frog ?

idbdg said... »January 11, 2013

The front is look weird, but is remembering me to the English Supercars, like Jaguar or Tesla maybe :)

Picchiatello said... »January 11, 2013

Having a hard time also its either:

1) Disney new "Cars" character

2) Catfish

3) Jerry Lewis reincarnated

BazZtarD said... »January 11, 2013

Leave the Fiat headlights alone...

Greg VENEZIANO-BELAIEFF said... »January 11, 2013

Porsche wanabee :/

TouyaShiro said... »January 11, 2013

To me I think the whole point of the headlights are trying to invoke something of old...perhaps the 2000GT?

stephenhannibal said... »January 11, 2013

Don't like the front end. And as Brad Pointed out the headlights fit poorly, also the logo on the steering wheel looks amateur.

Carlito Brigante said... »January 11, 2013


Angela said... »January 11, 2013

I wish there was a picture showing the whole car from a longer distance because its kind of hard to get a real perspective on it, but it is an interesting car design.

Vassilis said... »January 11, 2013

I think it looks bad :)

ben nibohs said... »January 11, 2013

lol im afraid, its a disaster

bonzomatic said... »January 11, 2013

Here's a better picture that's not taken at ground level-

yeld said... »January 11, 2013

Looks like a 2000 era Jaguar XK

Zee said... »January 11, 2013

Toyota 86 meets Cambiano

Peacemaker ic said... »January 11, 2013

promising, but poorly executed. ill-fitting headlights, too much length added to the front, two-tone paint job, oh how i was excited by this only to be let down so much. damn teasers always get my hopes up. i thought someone was going to give it a really professional rebody, not the tacked on panels it got

Nathan Stroud said... »January 11, 2013


Márk Gázser said... »January 12, 2013

It's kind of ridiculous, but I actaully like it. If it wasn't told that it is based on the 86, it would have been accepted more widespreadly.

kr_metal said... »January 12, 2013

Anything taken at ground level is just worse.

kr_metal said... »January 12, 2013

I wish they chopped off some of the back or adjusted the roofline to make it a coupe. Then it'd be complete.

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